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About TopSpec - Horse Feed Balancers and Supplements

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Thank you for Visiting the TopSpec Website

I would like to start with a big 'Thank You' to everyone who has spread the word about how outstandingly effective TopSpec products are. You have helped to make TopSpec more than the leading brand of feed balancers in the U.K, we are now looked to when excellent, effective and trusted results are required.

Our range of products has helped to solve many problems and the latest addition to our range has been incredibly successful. For many years I shook my head sadly when asked to provide a nutritional solution for horses suffering from erosion of the gastric lining as I felt that feeds low in sugar and starch, or short-acting antacid supplements, were not likely to be effective enough.

However a light bulb moment, when reading research about the use of β-glucans for human gastric ulcer treatment, has resulted in the formulation of TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes. These astonishing cubes have already made a huge difference to thousands of horses, including race-winners.

We test, amend and improve our formulations based on research carried out at Middle Park Farm, TopSpec's own, purpose-built, applied nutrition research facility in North Yorkshire.

Because excellent nutrition is of prime importance to TopSpec we guarantee to 'Create without Compromise.' You can rest assured that none of our products will be compromised, ever.

If you have any need to seek advice about the feeding or management of your horses you can be assured of a warm welcome and individual advice from me or one of my team, including a vet and four other experienced equine nutritionists.

Just call us on 01845-565030.

Nicola Tyler, Nutrition Director

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TopSpec's Award Winning Helpline

The Award Winning TopSpec Helpline is available to all our clients free of charge. The team at TopSpec is delighted to have won the BETA Feed Helpline of the Year in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 & 2016!

So, if your horse’s feed ration needs fine-tuning, or you have any feeding or management queries, just call our Award-Winning Helpline and one of our team of experienced equine nutritionists will be happy to help.

Multiple Award-Winning Helpline 01845 565 030

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“I consistently find your nutritional advice to be outstanding and I am therefore very happy that we are exclusively feeding your products to our horses. Keep up the excellent work, it is appreciated.” Lesley Anderson

What standards are adopted in the manufacture of TopSpec Products?

  • All the formulations are designed by TopSpec’s own experienced equine nutritionists. Only the highest quality ingredients are included in the formulations.
  • TopSpec are participants in the UFAS-BETA-NOPS programme to ensure that all the products are of the highest standards available for competition use under HRA/FEI competition rules.
  • All the ingredients can be traced back to source.
  • No medicated products are made in any of the manufacturing plants/mills that manufacture TopSpec products.
  • All TopSpec products are stored in a warehouse that contains no other animal feeds.
  • TopSpec provide a full specification of all their products for customer’s information.

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