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The Eight Most Important Qualities for a Good Working Dog

From aiding the less able, to hunting or retrieving, all the way through to rescue and even sled work, today’s working dog is a marvel of achievement.

VetSpec produce effective and scientifically formulated canine supplements for all types of dog, including the working dog. They’re here to run through the qualities that allow a working dog to complete its job effectively and efficiently.

Focus and concentration

A good working dog needs to be able to sustain its attention on the task at hand for as long as necessary, staying focused on its handler or master and not getting distracted by external stimuli.


They should be faithful, dedicated, and committed.


The best working dogs love their work, and throw themselves into their daily tasks with enthusiasm and a simple joy for life that is great to see, as well as highly effective when it comes to getting the job done.


Handlers need to know that their dog will do what they’re told, when they’re told to do it, preferable without hesitation. This discipline should be based on consistency and trust, not fear.


Many working dogs are the canine equivalents of our Olympic athletes; strong, fit, and capable of getting their job done speedily and within the dogs’ ability level.


The best working dog will be so tuned-in to their owner or handler that they will respond to their needs and wishes without any overt communication being required; the small tell-tale signals that often go unnoticed by humans are a working dog’s way of reading their master, and they will act on these without having to be asked.

Perfect condition

Working dogs should also be in superlative physical condition; a supplement like Vetspec’s ‘Active’ will provide everything they need.


They should have the necessary energy and enthusiasm to get the job done, but have a balanced and calm temperament that makes them easy to be around when they’re not working, too.

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Show Dogs

VetSpec produce supplements to help show dog owners get the results they want in the ring, with their hypoallergenic, deeply nourishing, and scientifically developed nutritional solutions to canine situations.

They’re here to give us some tips on how to have a winning show dog.


Depending on the type of showing you are competing in, your dog will need varying levels of grooming, but all should have regular attention paid to their coat, and daily care when they’re shedding.


It’s a sad fact that there are many show dog handlers out there that are not good trainers. Show dog training is based on getting the dog to focus on you and then rewarding correct behaviour. There are many schools of thought about the best way to train your show dog, but you should always seek the help of a professional to improve your timing, responsivity, and overall training skill.


Often overlooked by show dog owners, conditioning is absolutely crucial if you want to produce a winning specimen.

Conditioning starts with excellent, balanced nutrition, along with an effective supplement to address any dietary deficiencies and get your show dog in superlative shape – VetSpec’s ‘Healthy Dog’ is the perfect choice here.

You then need to give your dog sufficient exercise, stimulation, and interaction to keep them happy and healthy, and enough challenges and changes to their daily routine to accustom them to the sights and sounds of the show ring.


How you present your dog in the ring is also of vital importance – after all, the judge doesn’t see all the work that goes on behind the scenes, so this is your only opportunity to impress them. Ensure you have the training in place so that you can get your dog in an attentive and focused state for the minute or so they’re performing, and allow them to relax the rest of the time. Don’t forget to present yourself neatly and smartly, too.

Four lucky winners will each win a 12kg bag of VetSpec SuperLite Low-Calorie Formula


WANT to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients he requires for a fit and healthy life but need to cut the calories?

VetSpec SuperLite Low Calorie Formula has all the benefits of VetSpec Healthy Dog Adult Formula but is on a base food with 20% less calories if fed as directed.

This means that you can control your dog’s weight but still feed a delicious feed, packed with the high quality vitamins and minerals that your dog still needs on a daily basis.

VetSpec Super Premium SuperLite Low Calorie Formula contains an outstanding veterinary specification supplement within a cereal-grain-free, super premium dog food including 50% chicken with added vegetables and herbs.

It is ideal for dogs needing to lose weight, less active dogs, and greedy dogs that need volume but low calories. It contains biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin.

Prebiotic fibre and herbal sources help maintain gut health. It is wheat gluten- free, with no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours.  


What percentage of chicken is in VetSpec SuperLite Low Calorie Formula?

Closing Date – May 31, 2020



Congratulations on your new-found status as a puppy owner! This is the beginning of a long and trusting relationship with your new best friend.

You will have already invested a lot of time in researching the dog most suited to you. You are now entering the next, and most exciting, phase of your journey - taking your puppy home!

This booklet offers you practical tips and advice to help you through the vital stages of early development and day-to-day care of your puppy. It also incorporates information about your puppy’s food, establishing a training programme and ensuring his overarching healthcare. This is a booklet you can quickly refer to for answers to those little queries that may develop as you get to know your puppy.

You can learn about the excellence in canine nutrition that VetSpec provides, which will give your puppy the best nutritional start he could hope for. Before long your puppy will literally come on in leaps and bounds as you both prepare for a lifetime of friendship and wonderful adventures together.

We hope to support you in building this lasting relationship with your dog, which will bring you both happiness and companionship for many years to come.