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Designed to provide nutritional support for optimum speed, stamina and recovery. Provides generous levels of quality protein, vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients to sustain ultimate performance.

Designed For:

Racehorses at rest or in work, including those requiring a low starch diet.


Nutritional Benefits:

Digestive efficiency: A fully comprehensive range of the micronutrients and functional ingredients needed, even in the most demanding or stressful situations. Pure, protected yeast to improve fibre digestibility.

Post-exercise recovery: High in quality protein, rich in essential amino acids, plus powerful levels of antioxidants and optimal levels of essential micronutrients.

Muscle development and function: High quality protein and powerful levels of vitamin E and selenium (vital antioxidants), plus vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and copper. Cereal-grain-free, suitable for horses needing a low starch diet.

Hoof quality and coat condition: The level of biotin (30mg/kg) that is scientifically proven to improve hoof quality*, plus the levels of methionine, cysteine, lysine, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, vitamin A and soya oil known to improve the efficiency of biotin alone. Many of these nutrients also promote coat condition.

Bone development and strength: Effective levels of protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and manganese.

Respiratory health: Vitamin C and E to help maintain healthy lung tissue.

Joint health: Constructive levels of amino acids, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants. For horses with joint problems we recommend either adding 10:10 Joint Support or changing to Joint Feed Balancer.

Blood quality: Raised levels of copper, zinc, B-vitamins and associated nutrients to provide nutritional support for healthy haemoglobin levels.

Energy metabolism and appetite: Generous levels of B-vitamins, vital for horses with compromised hind-gut function, plus phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins A, C and E with selenium and manganese. The B12 and B1* help to stimulate healthy appetite.

Immune system: High levels of vitamins A, C and E and B6 plus MOS and omega-3 fatty acids.

Gut environment: Yeast and MOS combine to aid a healthy microbial balance in the hind-gut, promoting beneficial bacteria and removing pathogens.

Feeding Guidelines:

Feed at a rate of 1kg/500kg horse/day. Designed to be fed with an appropriate TopSpec Blend (e.g. cubes/flakes) or oats. If combining with a compound feed reduce the feeding rate by half (i.e. 0.5kg/500kg horse/day).

Can be fed with any TopSpec Blend e.g.

  • FibrePlus Cubes – for horses in light work/ box-rest.
  • Racehorse Cubes – for horses in training.
  • Turbo Flakes – for horses needing highly-concentrated energy.
  • Performance Cubes – for horses requiring a low starch diet e.g. horses with muscle-related problems.
  • UlsaKind Cubes – for horses requiring nutritional support for a healthy stomach lining.

Typical Nutritional Analysis:

Oil % 5.50

Protein % 30.0

Fibre % 7.0

DE MJ/kg 13.0

Starch % 6.0

Vitamin A iu/kg 65,000

Vitamin D3 iu/kg 7,000

Vitamin E iu/kg 2,500

Calcium % 3.2

Phosphorous % 1.3

Copper mg/kg 190

Selenium mg/kg 3.3

The typical ingredients in TopSpec Racing Feed Balancer are soya bean meal (GM), wheatfeed, grass, vitamin and mineral premix, molasses, full fat soya (GM), high-fibre oat by-product, linseed expeller, soya oil (GM), yeast, lysine, MOS, methionine.

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