TopSpec Horse Calmer (Additive)


For a laid-back approach to life.

Designed to be fed to horses and ponies with anxious temperaments or those that cannot cope with stressful situations such as showing, travelling and competing.

Not all horses are anxious for the same reason so TopSpec Calmer has been developed with much more than a ‘single ingredient’ approach. It contains yeast, MOS, B vitamins, magnesium, tryptophan and sepiolite clay, which all act in different ways to help calm and relax responsive horses.

TopSpec Calmer reduces anxiety without affecting normal behaviour or reducing presence. It can improve performance by improving focus and reducing the effects of stress. This Calmer will start to take effect within hours but maximum effects will be seen within three weeks.

TopSpec Calmer contains only natural ingredients but no herbs. It is a very palatable, caramel flavoured additive that should be mixed into damp feed. It can be added to any combination of feeds and supplements.

TopSpec Calmer is supplied in 3kg tubs which will last a 500kg horse for one month; or 9kg or 20kg tubs which offer a 25% or 40% saving respectively over the small tubs.

Gypsy, highly successful in driving trials, owned by Janet Pilling.

“TopSpec Calmer keeps his head in the right place so he doesn't fight me in the dressage.” Janet Pilling

Poppy, ridden and owned by Julia Silvers.

“After several years with my stressed mare, despite trying various products, I felt I was not making much progress. She was so bad at times that all four legs would shake, she is never nasty just totally afraid of her own shadow and unable to cope. She usually opted for the flight method preceeded by rearing! But after a couple of weeks on TopSpec Calmer, Poppy was a completely different horse and totally happy being away from home, gone was the wild look in her eyes. We are now hacking out alone without her having issues. She still looks at things and she has a side step or a snort but she can now cope with any eventuality. What a transformation. I have been stopped by local horsey people asking what I have done to Poppy as she looked so at ease. They are used to me belting past as if the devil was after us, they were amazed at the transformation too. A big thankyou for your wonderful product and the knowledge of your team.” Julia Silvers