A More Comfortable Time for Jani



NOW 13-years-old Jani, a Dutch Warmblood owned by Lorraine McIndoe, has spent his life being susceptible to loose droppings.

And despite owning him for seven years and trying everything she and her vets could think of, Lorraine had started to give up on ever finding a solution to the gelding’s problem.

Together with his partner Dixie, Jani forms part of a pair of carriage driving horses for
Lorraine’s business providing horse drawn vehicles for special occasions including weddings, funerals and parades.

Explains Lorraine: “We worked out that Jani was always better on short chopped grass than long fibrous materials such as hay or haylage but everything we tried over the years would work for so long and then the issue of watery, loose droppings would return.

“We were fortunate that despite the issue he never looked lean or in poor condition but we really wanted him to be clean and in the best of health.

“Despite extensive tests to diagnose the cause of his problems the vets were unable to pinpoint why it was happening and although he didn’t lose condition he was obviously uncomfortable.

“We spoke to the TopSpec team at the Royal Highland show and was recommended TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes as a way forward that might help.

“The short chopped forage helped his condition 70 per cent and when we started to feed the cubes it provided the final piece of the jigsaw and he is now the cleanest horse on the yard – it is just fantastic.

“The difference is remarkable and we are just so pleased that after all these years Jani is more comfortable thanks to TopSpec UIsaKind Cubes.”