Bob is Still Going Strong at 17

Sarah Hammonds Wild Bob WATER JUMP ridden by Millie on JFB 17yrsSarah Hammond and her 11-year old daughter Millie enjoy spending time with their pony Bob.

Now 17-years-old, the 13.1hh gelding still loves jumping and does Millie proud, with the two of them being very successful together in both show jumping and dressage competitions.

The family has owned Bob for nearly three years and for the past six months have fed Bob on TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer after they decided he had started to feel his age.

Sarah noticed that he looked particularly stiff on the right rein and was constantly changing legs when jumping.

She carried out lots of research into various different products and supplements that she thought might help Bob’s joints and decided to try TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer as she liked the TopSpec principle of feeding small, nutrient-dense meals.

Bob has been fed TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer now for the last six months and the difference it has made has been fantastic.

“Bob is so much more comfortable, meaning he can really enjoy his jumping and is moving much more freely in his dressage. He just looks brilliant and it is not just us who have noticed the difference, other people comment on how fab he looks too,” said Sarah.

“As well as the difference to his joint mobility, his coat and feet have never looked in better condition.”

Millie, who is a member of the Puckeridge Hunt Pony Club, enjoyed her second camp with Bob this summer and the pair compete in Pony Club area show jumping and dressage as well as doing well in an affiliated Novice Open, this year.

Bob and Millie share a particularly close bond as Bob lives away with Millie during term time at Stonar boarding school, this means that Millie has sole responsibility for all his care, including early mornings mucking out!

“We love the TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer, for giving our special pony a new lease of life and will definitely recommend it to friends,” added Sarah.