Building Blocks Lead To £1,000 Success

THE team at Thomas Irving’s of Chesterfield are celebrating after winning £1,000 in the TopSpec building block game at BETA International.BETA Tower Winner

With just three minutes to build the tower as high as they could the team of Anna Franklin and Debra Best were in great form to lead the way, stacking the blocks to nearly six feet.

Said Assistant Manager Anna: “It was great fun and a brilliant idea.  We always enjoy BETA International but to go along and have the chance to win £1,000 at the same time was great.”

All the staff at the store feed their horses and ponies on TopSpec and decided the £1,000 would be shared between them to help them stock up on supplies of their favourite feed.

Added Michael Bacon of TopSpec: “The building block game proved a huge success with Anna and Debra doing themselves proud with their achievement on the day.”