Change of Pace for Stressed Out Dougie

Dougie 002Despite his 29-years of age, former top event horse Dougie was still stressing as if he was heading to Badminton Horse Trials.

A previous ride of Bill Levett when known as In The Black II, Dougie was the first horse the Australian event rider took round the prestigious Gloucestershire event where he finished a credible fifteenth.

Now owned by Heather James, Dougie would often weave at meal times and was generally a ‘stressy’ horse that she found difficult to keep weight on.

Said Heather: “I have fed TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer and TopSpec FibrePlus Cubes for some years but it really is the addition of the TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes over the last year that have transformed Dougie’s outlook on life and wellbeing.

“As well as his weight and condition it is also his general demeanour on life and he is just so much calmer, less stressed and not as reactive to a change in situation or environment.

“Since feeding TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes they have definitely helped to improve and maintain Dougie’s condition.

“He used to weave at meal times but since feeding him the cubes over the last 12 months that has gone completely.

“As he is 29 he gets his feed like a porridge which he really enjoys and he has now filled out and rounded off a lot more and is so much more settled.

“Even at his age I school and ride him five times a week and he is just amazing.  As a typical New Zealand Thoroughbred he never carried a lot of weight but he now looks great.”