Dressage Rider’s Dogs Enjoy TopSpec’s Dog Food Range

Kate CowellInternational dressage rider and dog owner, Kate Cowell, who has had great results with her team of competition horses which are all fed on the TopSpec range of equine feeds and balancers, now also feeds her four dogs on TopSpec’s range of complete dog food.

Manufactured and developed by TopSpec’s expert nutritionists and with the brand name, VetSpec, this range of hypoallergenic, cereal-grain-free, super premium, complete dog foods are a perfect choice for Kate’s dogs who have different dietary requirements.

Her two Patterdale terriers require a low calorie diet so Kate chose VetSpec Superlite Senior Formula for them. This is a cereal-grain-free, super premium dog food with lower calories but contains 50% chicken with added vegetables and herbs, so she can still feed her dogs a delicious feed, packed with high quality vitamins and minerals. It includes biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin along with prebiotic fibre and herbal sources to help maintain gut health.

Said Kate: “I have used TopSpec products for my horses with great success and I am now also really impressed with the VetSpec range of dog food.  My two chubby Patterdales, Smokey and  Bacon, think  VetSpec SuperLite Senior Formula is delicious and they’ve lost weight since I moved them onto it, which is brilliant!”

Kate also has two Boxer dogs who require a joint mobility supplement. She chose VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula for them because it incorporates a veterinary specification joint supplement, which is rich in DHA and EPA (Omega-3s), glucosamine and chondroitin, in a super- premium, high-meat, dry dog food, and this has been achieved by VetSpec without the micronutrient damage that can be caused by traditional high temperature manufacturing processes.

VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula is ideal for providing nutritional support to dogs with poor mobility or those which are in hard work, e.g. agility dogs or gun dogs. It includes biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin. As with all the VetSpec range, it is wheat gluten-free with no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours.

Said Kate: “My two fussy Boxer dogs, Coco and Flora, just guzzle down the VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula and I am thrilled that it will care for their joints, long- term, as we all know how crazy Boxers are!”

“I would recommend the TopSpec and VetSpec range of equine and canine feeds and supplements wholeheartedly. The company has a great background in animal nutrition and this gives me the confidence that I am feeding the best product possible to my animals.”