Ellie’s a Picture of Health

Donna Jacquet
Donna and Ellie

HORSE lover Donna Jacquet struggled to find a feed that would help to put weight on her 16hh Friesian mare Ellie.

Donna wanted a feed that would put condition on Ellie but without making her fizzy or sharp.

Based in Hertfordshire, Donna has owned Ellie since she was 11-months-old and now at the age of seven has progressed to competing in showing and dressage competition with her horse of a lifetime.

Struggling to keep weight and condition on Ellie throughout the year, Donna turned to TopSpec for help and advice.

After feeding TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer, TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes, TopChop Alfalfa and sugar beet through the winter Ellie soon put on weight and looked in brilliant condition.

After the winter months had passed and Ellie had gained condition and weight, Donna stopped using TopSpec but six weeks later found that Ellie had once again begun to lose weight and condition and was quick to return to the TopSpec feeding regime.

Said Donna: “Ellie looks fabulous on TopSpec and there is no need for me to buy any added extras for her. I wouldn’t use any other feed now.  We are going to continue our showing and dressage and hopefully have some fun this season!”