From Racehorse To Event Horse

WHEN former racehorse, TRC Frogs Gift arrived at the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre at Halton in Lancaster, her owners were simply looking for a loving, permanent Frogs Gifthome for her.

However, still fit and well, it soon became clear to the team that her talent and desire to train should be encouraged.

Explains Operations Director, Nicky McDonald: “TRC Frogs Gift, or Midge as she is known at the yard last raced as a six-year-old and now 10, she arrived after her owners wanted a long term home for her.

“After finishing racing she had been out on loan, but when that agreement came to an end we were asked if we would take her.

“She is a lovely 16.1hh, grey mare who has a lovely attitude and is always trying to please.

“In a short space of time we could see she was talented and our yard manager and trainer Kath Pinnington took her on and set about retraining her for eventing.

“They made such progress that Kath has now taken her on as a loan horse and following retraining they are now out eventing at BE90 level with the aim of moving up to a BE100 competition shortly.

“Midge was in good condition when she arrived but now looks just stunning thanks to her feed regime of TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer and TopChop Lite.

“We have been supported by TopSpec for five years, with the team developing a feeding plan for all the horses and ponies.

“We like to feed a lot of fibre at the yard and the feed balancer then provides all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to balance the diet.

“Midge is a real success story for the yard and Kath has done a brilliant job retraining her.

“She has really taken to her life as an event horse in a short space of time and both Midge and Kath are having a lot of fun together.”

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