Libby and Popalbee Minnie Mouse Step up to the Challenge

 Congratulations to young Libby Roebuck on winning the Horse of the Year Show competition for qualified competitors to write in and tell the organisers about how they had Show pony Champion Cheshire County Popalbee Minnie Mouse owned by Shelley Roebuck ridden by Libby Roebuck1qualified for the prestigious show.

Libby wote: “It was at Cheshire Show that my dream came true. It all started on the morning of the second day. I was up at 5am and we set off at 6am. My mum and I had to muck out, load the lorry and plait my pony. As we set off for an hour’s drive I said to Mum: “It would be my dream come true to get to HOYS, but it’s never going to happen!”

It was a sunny day at Cheshire and as I looked round the show ground I thought, “Wow, what amazing ponies, I am never going to get placed here”. There were 18 ponies in the class. When it was time to go in, Mum said: “Just enjoy it. This is the biggest ring you will ever get to ride in.” When I was getting ready to be pulled into line to do my show, I was amazed to be pulled in first. My mum said: “It’s not you, keep walking round.” But it was me! I went out to do my show and when I came back into line to get ready for the conformation phase, Mum said: “That was the best show you have ever done.”

The conformation phase went very well. I then had to wait a long time for everyone to do their show and conformation. Mum said: “Don’t expect to stay here or even to get placed.” My heart was beating fast with nerves as they went behind us to count the marks. Finally the time came. All the places had been called except first place. When the number 2317 was called, I stepped forward so proud of myself and my pony. I gave Minnie a big hug and a kiss to say, “Well done”, and my Mum was crying. It was the best moment of my life.

Libby Roebuck (age 9) and Popalbee Minnie Mouse
Qualified for First Ridden Show Pony at Cheshire Show