Oscar Wins The Face of TopSpec 2014!

Julie Hammond and Oscar

Oscar, a six-year-old coloured gelding owned by Julie Hammond from Aberdeenshire has been chosen as ‘The Face of TopSpec 2014’ in a nationwide competition.

For Julie, a health and safety advisor, Oscar is a very special chap as a homebred project horse and one who could easily have not made it at birth.

Oscar had impaction colic at just 24-hours-old and Julie is very lucky to still have him…and this he knows!

Their prizes include £500 worth of TopSpec feed, a professional photo-shoot and framed print and a top of the range Horseware Turnout Rug.

Said Julie: “Oscar knows that he is very handsome and very charming and he definitely wants the world to know it too. He didn’t have the best start to life but he is now showing huge potential.

“He is an exceptionally fussy eater who struggles to maintain weight… being handsome is hard work you know!

“Last year he went from looking poor in early spring to qualifying for several classes at the CHAPS Championships, winning local championships and qualifying for the British Dressage Area Festivals and British Dressage Winter Regionals and we owe this to TopSpec.

“After some searching we have learned that a combination of TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer and TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes is just the right thing for him.

“He’s a bit like Tigger, who won’t eat acorns, honey or thistles, Oscar won’t eat horse and pony nuts, he’s very particular over chaff and doesn’t like supplements… but he does love his TopSpec flakes!

Added Julie: “I am delighted he has been chosen as ‘The Face of TopSpec 2014’ – and he proves how well TopSpec products can help improve a horse’s condition and performance.”