Scurrying to Success with Suited and Booted

Suited and Booted Cranleigh.htmFrom an early age horse lover Karen Morris was determined to become a successful show jumper.

However, serious injury prevented her dreams from coming true but thanks to her dedication and courage to succeed this led her to take up the sport of scurry driving instead.

Having had a few successes before 2015, Karen wanted to do her utmost to improve their results and have the ponies in the very best shape, and with that in mind she decided to put five of her scurry ponies on TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer.

Karen quickly saw a difference in their stamina and soon after, a pair of her ponies, ‘Suited and Booted’ won the British National Scurry Driving Championships and the Scurry Driving Association Grand Points league. At 16 and 18-year-old, this was the first year they had won the double and Karen believed it was down to their new feed regime.

Said Karen: “Since using TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer the ponies have been amazing.

“They’ve had a lot more stamina and their times in the competitions have really improved. They were the most consistent scurry ponies of the year, clocking up seven wins, three second places and four Championships, including The Great Yorkshire Show and three Reserve Championships.”

Karen went on to explain how the other ponies she fed the feed balancer to also had a fantastic response to the food, and had more places than ever before.

Seeing the fantastic results in 2015 made Karen determined to continue with TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer for the following season and once again, she reaped the rewards.

‘Suited and Booted’ became National Champions and Points Champions for the second consecutive year. This was a huge achievement considering their ages.

The success was even greater for Karen when she got Reserve Champion with ‘Chalk and Cheese’.

Karen was so pleased with the feed regime that she continues with it and now also uses TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes alongside Comprehensive Feed Balancer.

Said Karen: “I always use TopSpec now following the fantastic results I have seen. I am so grateful for the enhanced performance this has given my ponies and the enormous health boosts they have benefited from using it.”