TopSpec Launch New Joint Feed Balancer

New TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer is a very palatable ‘Non-Heating’ feed that combines the benefits of a top specification conditioning feed balancer with a joint supplement.Joint Balancer Bag

It contains a multi-supplement including the levels of micronutrients and digestive aids normally only found in high quality specialised supplements.

Using TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer will support the maintenance of healthy joints plus promote muscle development and topline, optimise bone strength, greatly improve hoof quality and produce a supple skin with an exceptionally shiny coat.

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer contains:-

The veterinary recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to support healthy joints. This rate is 10 grams of glucosamine/500kg horse/day.

Joint Feed Balancer is rich in the building blocks for hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin.

Optimum levels of all the micronutrients needed to balance feed and improve its utilisation.

Powerful levels of vitamin E and selenium to act as anti-oxidants, neutralising the harmful presence of free radicals and, together with high quality protein, optimising muscle development and function. Vital for horses on high oil diets and those prone to muscle problems.

The level of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day) that is scientifically proven to improve hoof quality, plus optimum levels of all the other nutrients known to benefit hoof quality.

Effective levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to maintain strong bone.

Raised levels of Copper, Zinc, B vitamins and associated nutrients to optimise haemoglobin levels in blood.

Generous levels of B vitamins for efficient energy metabolism.

Two yeast products to promote fibre digestibility and maintain a healthy immune system.

Organic chelated minerals for improved availability.

Many factors to help calm certain horses.

Linseed, a source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Good quality protein, but only low levels of sugar and starch.

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer is available in 15kg sacks, RRP £35.50.