Victoria and Benito Dorato Dance to Success

Benito Dorato wining the Novice Gold Championhip at the British Dressage National Champions ridden and owned by Victoria Maw smaller

LINCOLNSHIRE-based Victoria Maw and and her own six-year-old Benito Dorato topped a highly competitive Novice Gold with 73.29% at the British Dressage National Championships.

The TopSpec sponsored rider joined a line-up that oozed class and the standard proved high as the top ten each rode to plus 70% scores.

Speaking about her test with the home-produced Benny an elated Victoria said: “I was really pleased, he had really good balance the whole way through and he felt so fluent. It just went really nicely!

“He stayed nicely connected the whole way, there were no major mistakes perhaps just a small loss of balance in the second medium trot just before the canter transition.

“His party piece is the medium canter,” she continued, “There are so many layers, you put your leg on and he keeps going up the gears – you feel like a kid in a sweet shop riding him!”

Benny has been owned by Victoria from the age of just three days old, after she purchased him as a foal in Germany.

He spent three years growing up in his home country before moving back to the Lincolnshire based rider who’s sympathetically produced him with a varied approach to working: “He likes jumping, and he does a bit of everything at home. He hacks, goes on the treadmill – he does a little bit of everything to keep him happy!”

Victoria has been supported by TopSpec for many years and with her favourite products including TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer, TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support and TopSpec Digestive Aid.

A Rider and BDCC Level 3 coach Victoria brought a winning mind-set to her test to help focus her performance: “It helps to take away the pressure and be realistic about the results. Anything above the goals set are a bonus.  He’s been producing consistent scores but I was still a bit shocked to get that score. He’s not seen anything like this, he was so confident today and when he went inside those boards he did everything I asked, it was such a nice feeling.”

Victoria paid credit to long-time coach Tracy Woodhead who warmed her up for today’s test describing the day as an emotional occasion, “I was on edge the whole time waiting for the class to finish!

“It’s a very special place to compete,” Victoria added about her trip to Stoneleigh, “You don’t get to compete here for regular shows so it’s a big occasion to ride in that arena for the National Championships.”