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TopChop Alfalfa is simply alfalfa dressed with a light coating of cold-pressed linseed oil and real mint. It is ideal for working horses, broodmares and youngstock.



TopChop Alfalfa is a natural product made from top quality British alfalfa, with a light dressing of cold-pressed linseed oil and real mint. TopChop Alfalfa contains no added molasses or any other sugar coating. It is ideal for working horses, broodmares and youngstock.

TopChop Alfalfa is of similar nutritional value to good quality haylage but contains less sugar. The formula for TopChop Alfalfa was tested and developed at the Middle Park Equine Research Centre and has been approved by the nutritional team as suitable for all horses and ponies other than those that need to lose weight (TopSpec nutritionists recommend TopChop Lite is used for horses and ponies that need to lose weight).

It is ideal for horses and ponies needing to gain weight and for all breeding stock because of its good quality protein, low starch levels and high levels of bioavailable calcium.

Typical Analysis

Typical Nutritional Analysis:

Oil % 4.5

Protein % 16.0

Fibre % 25.0

DE MJ/kg 9.0

Starch % 2.0

Typical Composition

The typical ingredients in TopChop Alfalfa are dried alfalfa, cold-pressed linseed oil, dried mint leaves.


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