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TopSpec All-in-One is a multi supplement containing optimum levels of all the commonly needed supplements expertly balanced into one product. It is designed for all horses and ponies, whether competing, in light work or breeding. TopSpec All-in-One is suitable for horses and ponies prone to, being treated for, or are recovering from laminitis.



TopSpec All-in-One is a caramel flavoured, granular supplement that contains a top specification, broad-spectrum supplement plus many specialised supplements, for example, a superb hoof supplement, generous levels of anti-oxidants and sophisticated digestive aids. This means that it is the most fully-comprehensive supplement you can buy and it can successfully be fed to every horse or pony on your yard. TopSpec All-in-One is the outstanding multi-supplement that we put into Comprehensive Feed Balancer, therefore they should not be fed together.

TopSpec All-in-One multi-supplement has been designed to supplement the rations of all horses and ponies simply by adjusting the rate at which it is fed and the products it is fed with. Because it contains insignificant calories it is one of the products that we would recommend for good-doers. As it is a powder it must be mixed with at least a double handful of appropriate chaff.

When TopSpec All-in-One is fed there is therefore often no need to add any further supplements, other than salt and/or electrolytes for sweating horses. The addition of a broad-spectrum supplement, vitamin E and selenium anti-oxidants, blood tonics, yeast supplements, a hoof supplement, a bone supplement, a metabolic supplement and immune support is an unnecassary expense and in most cases is ineffective and potentially harmful.

Feed Regime

Typical feed regime for a 13.2hh Welsh Section B pony in hard work:-

  • Grazing plus ad-lib good quality hay or haylage.

Plus one feed per day containing:

  • 75g TopSpec All-in-One supplement.
  • 300g TopChop Lite (‘Non-Heating’ unmolassed alfalfa/straw chop).
  • An addition/alternative to TopChop Lite would be approx 250g of TopSpec High Fibre Mash mixed with 500mls of water (‘Non-Heating’ low-calorie (as fed) mash designed for good-doers).
  • Approx. 25g salt, plus 24/7 access to a salt lick

Additives if required; Electrolytes, 10:10 Joint Support, Calmer or Digestive Aid.

Typical Analysis

Analytical constituents:
Calcium 18%, Phosphorus 6%, Magnesium 1.5%, Sodium 4%, Methionine 0.75%, Lysine 0.75%.

Crude Protein 4.5%*, Crude Fat 3%*, Crude Fibre 0.5%*, Crude Ash 68%.

*Nutritionally insignificant because of very low feeding rate.

Typical Composition

Composition: Calcium Carbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Cooked maize, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Vegetable Oil, Mannan Oligosaccharides

Vitamin and mineral additives per 100g (feeding rate for a 500kg horse):

Vitamin A 30,000 IU

Vitamin D3 3,760 IU

Vitamin E 1,250 IU

Vitamin K 10 mg

Vitamin C 500 mg

Thiamine 50 mg

Riboflavin 50 mg

Pyridoxine 50 mg

Vitamin B12 310 mcg

Niacin 60 mg

Calpantothenate 50 mg

Folic Acid 30 mg

Biotin 15 mg

Choline 50 mg

Copper 100 mg

Manganese 150 mg

Zinc 250 mg

Iron 100 mg

Selenium 1.5 mg

Iodine 1 mg

Zootechnical additive: Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL39885 (4b1710) (Vistacell) to give 375 Billion CFU’s per kg.


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Storage Info

TopSpec products should be stored in a cool dry place.

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