TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes Win BETA International Innovation Award

BETA International 2015 Innovation Awards Winner LogoTopSpec UlsaKind cubes, the newest addition to the North Yorkshire-based company’s portfolio of horse feeds captured a prestigious Innovation Award at this year’s BETA International.

Winner of the Feed & Supplements category the judges who included Sara Blackshaw, equine category manager of Countrywide Farmers, Alex Colquhoun, chairman of British Eventing’s Young Rider Selection Committee, John Sommerville, a partner in the North Yorkshire veterinary practice Rae Bean & Son, and Sophie Webster, a show rider and producer said: “Extensive research has gone into this well-produced product, which is nicely priced and in appealing packaging with labelling clearly listing the ingredients.”

Nicola Tyler of TopSpec said: “We are delighted to receive the award.  Since the launch of TopSpec UlsaKind cubes the feedback has been fantastic and we definitely have a rapidly growing number of horses and ponies fed on the cubes and seeing a huge difference in their wellbeing.”

UlsaKindTopSpec UlsaKind cubes are formulated to be highly sympathetic to the equine digestive system, even when it is compromised by extreme acidity.

The formula is very low in starch (UltraLowStarchAnalysis) and sugar and high in fibre but still has a conditioning index of 12MJ/kg making these cubes both ‘Non-Heating’ and conditioning.

TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes are ideal in those circumstances where the internal surface of the stomach has been eroded, because they contain very high levels of β-glucans which form a gel and coat the stomach lining with a protective film. The gel-like stomach contents are less likely to splash the upper squamous epithelium in the stomach.

TopSpec UlsaKind cubes are also highly suitable for any horses or ponies requiring a low-starch/high-fibre diet for other reasons e.g. Those prone to, being treated for or recovering from laminitis, those that are ‘fizzy’ on high- starch feeds, those susceptible to muscle dysfunction when on high-starch feeds, those needing support for correct limb development, those intolerant to high-starch feeds for other reasons.

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New BSPS Summer Championship Show Sponsorship for TopSpec

ONE of the highlights of the summer showing calendar – The BSPS Summer Championship Show is always massively popular. It is held at Arena UK, near Grantham – August 26 to 29th.

TopSpec, well known for its’ range of feed balancers and other innovative horse feeds, is the new sponsor of the Indoor Arena, the home to so many championship classes at this prestigious event.

Now known as the TopSpec Arena, the fantastically presented ring is the highlight for many competitors working their way through to the championship finals over the four days.

Said Nicola Tyler of TopSpec: “The indoor ring at Arena UK looks magical during the evening performances and we are happy to support the BSPS, childhood home of some of our most successful adult riders”

Added Karen Ward of BSPS: “TopSpec has supported the BSPS Summer Championship Show for many years so to now have them as sponsor of the TopSpec Arena is fantastic.”

This year’s show also hosts an International Team Competition, which happens once in every 12 to 14 years, so there will be additional competitions on Tuesday, August 25th.

The show jumping and final championship will be held in the TopSpec Arena during the evening.

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TopSpec Support Equifest 2015 Championship Arena

EquifestALWAYS a huge draw for competitors and spectators alike this year’s Equifest is set to be a fantastic five days.

Don’t forget to visit the TopSpec stand – where you will have the chance to win back the cost of stabling for one horse for the week – worth £130 and also £130 worth of feed from the TopSpec range of feed balancers and other innovative horse feed.

TopSpec is also once again sponsoring the main Indoor Championship TopSpec Arena – always a hit especially during the prestigious evening performances.

With its electric atmosphere, huge cheers and continual celebrations throughout the show, the TopSpec Championship Arena is certainly the place to be.

Said Nicola Tyler of TopSpec: “Equifest is a great success story and we are delighted to be sponsoring the Indoor Championship Arena over the five days.

“The organising team always put on a very well run show and we are very pleased to be supporting what has become the largest show in the country.”

Equifest takes place at the East of England Showground, Peterborough from August 12 to 16.

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Pumpkin’s in Fine Form this Spring

Pokeys Bally Milo and KatyaWITH his glossy coat and extra muscle tone and condition, Pokeys Bally Milo is all set and ready for the season ahead.

But just a few months ago it was a very different story for the handsome bay gelding Pumpkin, as he is known at home

Now 13-years-old, Pumpkin was prone to losing condition, struggled with muscle tone and generally gave the impression he was not not enjoying life.

Having met TopSpec Equine Advisor, Nic Read, at her local feed merchants, owner Katya Visser decided to change his diet to include TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes and he has never looked back.

Together with the help of her trainer Jane Whitton, Katya has put in many hours of work to transform Pumpkin from a sorry looking state to a picture of health with a spring to his step.

Said Katya: “This is for certain the best Pumpkin has looked in years, as he is at last gaining condition and muscle tone whilst also having a great shine to him.

“As a young horse he was very successful winning a lot of young event horse classes and rapidly rising up the ranks in the world of dressage.

“Unfortunately he had a bad fall going cross-country and it was after this that he went downhill, losing a lot of weight, becoming covered in sarcoids and showing obvious signs he had ulcers.

“Just getting near him was difficult and grooming him was almost impossible with the result that he was turned away in a field in the hope he would feel happier and start to recover.

“I was very fortunate to be gifted Pumpkin in the hope I could do something to help his condition and general wellbeing.

“It has been a slow process but the handling has improved enormously and once that started to progress I was keen to see if we could get more condition and topline on him.

“Thanks to the UlsaKind Cubes we saw some improvement in just a week and have now added TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer to his daily feed regime.

“I am so pleased with the results and am now planning to compete him in 1.15m classes now that he looks so well and is back on form, enjoying life to the full.”

TopSpec UlsaKind cubes recently won the BETA International Innovation Award for the best new feed or supplement on the British market.

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Oscar’s Certainly a Flyer!

John Grossick PAIDLIFE wasn’t exactly flying for racehorse Oscar Flyer when he ended up at a Devon abattoir but fortune favoured the handsome bay who was thankfully bought in the nick of time.

And the faith shown by the Welton family recently paid dividend when he won on his first outing with them at South Durham Hunt Farmers Point to Point at Mordon.

Now eight-years-old Oscar had a tendon injury which put paid to his training at his previous yard and he was destined to be sold at Exeter Horse Sales some 18 months ago.

It is definitely a family affair with Oscar Flyer trained by Carolyn Woods, ridden by her partner Sam Welton and owned by his parents Val and Keith.

The dream success couldn’t have come at a better time with Carolyn also due to give birth and many around her were cautious of the celebrations getting too exciting after the win.

Said Carolyn: “Oscar was taken to the sales but failed to sell so we approached the abattoir owner to see if we could buy him.  He wanted a home for him rather than him going for meat as he is such a lovely horse in his prime so the deal was done.

“He cost £280 and we are so pleased his first race was us was a winning one,” added the North Yorkshire-based trainer.

“When we first bought him he went on box rest for two months before having a year turned away.  He has come back in great shape and his legs are now strong and healthy.

“It was only a maiden race but it was so fantastic for everyone.  Not only are his legs tough and strong he also looks in fantastic race fitness with TopSpec Racing Feed Balancer and TopSpec Turbo forming his daily feed regime.

“Bringing a racehorse back from injury and turning them into a winner is a fantastic feeling – it couldn’t be better,” added Carolyn.

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TopSpec Launch New TopChop Sport

TopChop SportNew TopChop Sport is a blend of specially selected, high-temperature dried, British grasses and alfalfa.

This very palatable chop is lightly coated with soya oil and is dust-extracted. The formula for TopChop Sport was tested and developed at the Middle Park Equine Research Unit and has been approved by the nutritional team as suitable for all horses and ponies other than those prone to laminitis and that need to lose weight.

It is ideal for horses and ponies needing a very palatable chop, perfect for fussy feeders including performance and racehorses.

TopChop Sport is a high quality chop that can be fed solely with a TopSpec feed balancer or supplement. Additional feed e.g. TopSpec Cubes and Mixes, can be added if extra nutrients for work or condition are required.

TopChop Sport is dust-extracted and high-temperature dried. These two procedures minimise potential mould, making the chop suitable for horses and ponies with respiratory problems.

TopChop Sport – 15kg £12.25.

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TopSpec Win Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award for Unprecedented Eighth Time

Eight fabulous years of outstanding personalised customer service were recognised at the BETA Business Awards as TopSpec once again scooped the HAYGAIN Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award.

Winning the award for an unprecedented eighth time saw an outstanding achievement for the North Yorkshire based family firm, well known for their range of innovative horse feeds and supplements.

TopSpec provide horses owners with valuable help and advice, and are well known throughout the industry for their multiple award-winning helpline.

Nominations were invited from retailers and consumers, and the final judging was based on these and mystery callers posing questions designed to challenge each helpline.

This is the eighth time that TopSpec has won the award and the judges described the service offered by the company as “outstanding once again!”

Nicola Tyler, Nutrition Director of TopSpec said: “We are very grateful to be recognised by the industry for consistent excellence in giving nutritional advice. We would also like to thank HAYGAIN for not only sponsoring this Award for five years but also presenting us with their latest model, a brilliant mini-steamer.

“Welfare combined with nutritional excellence is always uppermost in our minds when giving Helpline advice and helping horses to feel in top form and perform brilliantly is very rewarding.”

The awards presented at the hugely successful BETA Gala Dinner are highly sought after throughout the industry and the remarkable eighth win for TopSpec met with a huge round of applause from those attending.

Left to right – Keiley Alderson, TopSpec Nutritionist;  Anna Welch, TopSpec Veterinary Nutritionist; Tim Oliver of HAYGAIN with sponsored rider Verity Smith and Uffa the guide dog presenting the HAYGAIN Hay Steamers Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award; Louise Jones, TopSpec Senior Nutritionist.

Left to right – Keiley Alderson, TopSpec Nutritionist; Anna Welch, TopSpec Veterinary Nutritionist; Tim Oliver of HAYGAIN with sponsored rider Verity Smith and Uffa the guide dog presenting the HAYGAIN Hay Steamers Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award; Louise Jones, TopSpec Senior Nutritionist.

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Grumpy Ivor Now Relaxed and Happy Thanks to UlsaKind

Ivor and Julie enjoy the beachWhen Northumberland based rider, Julie Wright bought Ivor, a chestnut Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, back in August 2013 he was unhappy and in poor condition.

She put his lack of topline and muscle tone down to an incorrect diet and intolerance to cereal grains.

Said Julie: “When I purchased Ivor he was very poor and I knew it would take time for this to improve.  He windsucked and was quite grumpy and stressful to be around.

“He showed all the traits of having a sensitive stomach and I found that he couldn’t tolerate feeds with cereal grains in them. The condition he came to me in suggested that his original diet had certainly not been right for him.

“Over time I managed to get his weight up and he started to hold his condition only dropping off during the winter months. Being a chestnut I found Ivor to be a really sensitive horse and he was particularly grumpy to groom and girth up with his ears flat back and pulling faces.

“After seeing the new TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes advertised recently I rang the TopSpec nutritional helpline to find out more and what they would recommend feeding him on.

“Within four days of feeding UlsaKind Cubes I noticed a huge difference in him. The cubes are cereal-grain-free and low in starch but also contain lots of ingredients to reduce stomach acidity and coat the stomach lining. Ivor became a lot more mellow, relaxed and happier to be around and touch. It doesn’t sound much but I feel our bond has grown stronger with his new happier and more relaxed outlook on life especially around grooming time.

“He has been hunting through the winter and already he has maintained his condition and his coat looks super shiny. UlsaKind Cubes will most definitely be part of Ivor’s diet from now on, he looks in great condition even in the middle of winter and he is so much more happy and comfortable being groomed and touched!”

Julie and Ivor, who has a fantastic jump and even managed to unseat a fair few jockeys, started their eventing career at BE90 level last season and hope to continue their success and move up to BE100 level this season.

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An Evening with the Masters – Christoph Hess and John Ledingham

Want to improve your flatwork and jumping skills in the run up to the new season?

Trot North is hosting ‘An Evening with the Masters’, Christoph Hess and John Ledingham held at Myerscough College, Preston, Lancashire, on Wednesday, March 11 at 7.30pm – doors open 6pm – and is supported by TopSpec.

The lecture/demonstration, ‘Flatwork and Jumping – What’s So Different’, aims to explain what is required to succeed in the different disciplines and will take a look at their training techniques and how they differ – or not.

The evening will feature German dressage specialist, Christoph Hess and Irish Show jumper, John Ledingham – both bringing their many years’ experience to the event which is set to provide a fascinating insight into how flatwork and jumping work alongside each other.

A former director of training for the German National Federation, Christoph is an FEI ‘I’ judge in both dressage and eventing. He is actively involved in the training and education of judges and instructors worldwide.

Legendary international rider and coach, John Ledingham, has enjoyed a long and successful showjumping career and is an official coach to the World Class Showjumping Equine Pathway, which aims to identify horses that have the potential to be future medal winners.

With such a wealth of experience on offer the lecture/demonstration is sure to prove both interesting and insightful for anyone involved in any of the three major disciplines.

Tickets are priced at £20 for those purchased in advance, or £25 on the door.

To buy your tickets send  SAE and cheque (payable to Trot North) to:

3, Brackenwell Lane, North Rigton, Leeds LS17 0DG.

Lessons will be available on March 12 and 13, with both Christoph and John.  To book your place contact Sue Stewart on 07753 910832 or


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Kenny Wins The Face of TopSpec 2015

KENNY, a 17-year-old chestnut gelding owned by Carrie-Anne Ashbolt from Gloucestershire has been chosen as ‘The Face of TopSpec 2015’ in a nationwide competition.

For Carrie-Anne, who works in the opthalmic lens industry, Kenny, also known as Shooting Star ll in the showing world, is very special and they have been a partnership for 11 years.

Their prizes include £500 worth of TopSpec feed, a professional photo-shoot and framed print and a top of the range Horseware Turnout Rug.

Said Carrie-Anne: “I was over the moon when I was told Kenny had won.  He is such a star and very special to me.  Last year we had a truly incredible season and he looked fantastic on his TopSpec feed regime.

“His highlights were winning the National Side Saddle Veteran Championship at the National Side Saddle Show.  We also won the Concour D’Elegance class at USK as well as winning several Side-Saddle classes at area shows.

“To top it off, Kenny had a brilliant year doing dressage with nearly all his scores over 70% at both Prelim and Novice levels with a personal best of 76.25%.

“I believe he feels great on the inside as well as looking fantastic on the outside and would like to thank TopSpec for helping me keep my special boy in tip top condition.

“He is fed a diet of TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer, CoolCondition Cubes and TopChop Grass and couldn’t look any better.”


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