TopSpec Win Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award for Unprecedented Eighth Time

Eight fabulous years of outstanding personalised customer service were recognised at the BETA Business Awards as TopSpec once again scooped the HAYGAIN Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award.

Winning the award for an unprecedented eighth time saw an outstanding achievement for the North Yorkshire based family firm, well known for their range of innovative horse feeds and supplements.

TopSpec provide horses owners with valuable help and advice, and are well known throughout the industry for their multiple award-winning helpline.

Nominations were invited from retailers and consumers, and the final judging was based on these and mystery callers posing questions designed to challenge each helpline.

This is the eighth time that TopSpec has won the award and the judges described the service offered by the company as “outstanding once again!”

Nicola Tyler, Nutrition Director of TopSpec said: “We are very grateful to be recognised by the industry for consistent excellence in giving nutritional advice. We would also like to thank HAYGAIN for not only sponsoring this Award for five years but also presenting us with their latest model, a brilliant mini-steamer.

“Welfare combined with nutritional excellence is always uppermost in our minds when giving Helpline advice and helping horses to feel in top form and perform brilliantly is very rewarding.”

The awards presented at the hugely successful BETA Gala Dinner are highly sought after throughout the industry and the remarkable eighth win for TopSpec met with a huge round of applause from those attending.

Left to right – Keiley Alderson, TopSpec Nutritionist;  Anna Welch, TopSpec Veterinary Nutritionist; Tim Oliver of HAYGAIN with sponsored rider Verity Smith and Uffa the guide dog presenting the HAYGAIN Hay Steamers Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award; Louise Jones, TopSpec Senior Nutritionist.

Left to right – Keiley Alderson, TopSpec Nutritionist; Anna Welch, TopSpec Veterinary Nutritionist; Tim Oliver of HAYGAIN with sponsored rider Verity Smith and Uffa the guide dog presenting the HAYGAIN Hay Steamers Nutritional Helpline of the Year Award; Louise Jones, TopSpec Senior Nutritionist.

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Grumpy Ivor Now Relaxed and Happy Thanks to UlsaKind

Ivor and Julie enjoy the beachWhen Northumberland based rider, Julie Wright bought Ivor, a chestnut Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, back in August 2013 he was unhappy and in poor condition.

She put his lack of topline and muscle tone down to an incorrect diet and intolerance to cereal grains.

Said Julie: “When I purchased Ivor he was very poor and I knew it would take time for this to improve.  He windsucked and was quite grumpy and stressful to be around.

“He showed all the traits of having a sensitive stomach and I found that he couldn’t tolerate feeds with cereal grains in them. The condition he came to me in suggested that his original diet had certainly not been right for him.

“Over time I managed to get his weight up and he started to hold his condition only dropping off during the winter months. Being a chestnut I found Ivor to be a really sensitive horse and he was particularly grumpy to groom and girth up with his ears flat back and pulling faces.

“After seeing the new TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes advertised recently I rang the TopSpec nutritional helpline to find out more and what they would recommend feeding him on.

“Within four days of feeding UlsaKind Cubes I noticed a huge difference in him. The cubes are cereal-grain-free and low in starch but also contain lots of ingredients to reduce stomach acidity and coat the stomach lining. Ivor became a lot more mellow, relaxed and happier to be around and touch. It doesn’t sound much but I feel our bond has grown stronger with his new happier and more relaxed outlook on life especially around grooming time.

“He has been hunting through the winter and already he has maintained his condition and his coat looks super shiny. UlsaKind Cubes will most definitely be part of Ivor’s diet from now on, he looks in great condition even in the middle of winter and he is so much more happy and comfortable being groomed and touched!”

Julie and Ivor, who has a fantastic jump and even managed to unseat a fair few jockeys, started their eventing career at BE90 level last season and hope to continue their success and move up to BE100 level this season.

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An Evening with the Masters – Christoph Hess and John Ledingham

Want to improve your flatwork and jumping skills in the run up to the new season?

Trot North is hosting ‘An Evening with the Masters’, Christoph Hess and John Ledingham held at Myerscough College, Preston, Lancashire, on Wednesday, March 11 at 7.30pm – doors open 6pm – and is supported by TopSpec.

The lecture/demonstration, ‘Flatwork and Jumping – What’s So Different’, aims to explain what is required to succeed in the different disciplines and will take a look at their training techniques and how they differ – or not.

The evening will feature German dressage specialist, Christoph Hess and Irish Show jumper, John Ledingham – both bringing their many years’ experience to the event which is set to provide a fascinating insight into how flatwork and jumping work alongside each other.

A former director of training for the German National Federation, Christoph is an FEI ‘I’ judge in both dressage and eventing. He is actively involved in the training and education of judges and instructors worldwide.

Legendary international rider and coach, John Ledingham, has enjoyed a long and successful showjumping career and is an official coach to the World Class Showjumping Equine Pathway, which aims to identify horses that have the potential to be future medal winners.

With such a wealth of experience on offer the lecture/demonstration is sure to prove both interesting and insightful for anyone involved in any of the three major disciplines.

Tickets are priced at £20 for those purchased in advance, or £25 on the door.

To buy your tickets send  SAE and cheque (payable to Trot North) to:

3, Brackenwell Lane, North Rigton, Leeds LS17 0DG.

Lessons will be available on March 12 and 13, with both Christoph and John.  To book your place contact Sue Stewart on 07753 910832 or


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Kenny Wins The Face of TopSpec 2015

KENNY, a 17-year-old chestnut gelding owned by Carrie-Anne Ashbolt from Gloucestershire has been chosen as ‘The Face of TopSpec 2015’ in a nationwide competition.

For Carrie-Anne, who works in the opthalmic lens industry, Kenny, also known as Shooting Star ll in the showing world, is very special and they have been a partnership for 11 years.

Their prizes include £500 worth of TopSpec feed, a professional photo-shoot and framed print and a top of the range Horseware Turnout Rug.

Said Carrie-Anne: “I was over the moon when I was told Kenny had won.  He is such a star and very special to me.  Last year we had a truly incredible season and he looked fantastic on his TopSpec feed regime.

“His highlights were winning the National Side Saddle Veteran Championship at the National Side Saddle Show.  We also won the Concour D’Elegance class at USK as well as winning several Side-Saddle classes at area shows.

“To top it off, Kenny had a brilliant year doing dressage with nearly all his scores over 70% at both Prelim and Novice levels with a personal best of 76.25%.

“I believe he feels great on the inside as well as looking fantastic on the outside and would like to thank TopSpec for helping me keep my special boy in tip top condition.

“He is fed a diet of TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer, CoolCondition Cubes and TopChop Grass and couldn’t look any better.”


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Smokin Gun Hits Top Form at British Connemara Pony Society

Bethany Puzio and Smokin Gun were on top form at the British Connemara Pony Society Annual Awards held in Rugby.

Bethany and Gunner won a plethora of awards which totalled seven trophies in all. The highlight being an emphatic win in the National Performance Pony Championship, where they stood champion with over 4,000 points above their nearest rivals.

Within the scheme Bethany and Guner won the Working Hunter Pony trophy, the Horse Trial Trophy, the Versatility Trophy and the ‘Best Newcomer’ Trophy. Bethany, herself, also won the Junior Rider Trophy.

The triumphant combination also picked up the Merleydown Croesus Trophy for the most points gained at the Breed Show during the summer.

Said Bethany: “He is such an amazing pony, he is a true top class all-rounder. And of course such an all-rounder needs the fuel on which to perform and look good all year round – so I would like to say a huge thank you to TopSpec for keeping him in such nutritionally perfect shape!”


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TopSpec Support Dressage Series

TOPSPEC – well known for their range of feed balancers and other innovative horse feeds are sponsoring an unaffiliated dressage series at Fry’s East Yorkshire.

Based at Aike Grange Stud near Driffield, Fry’s East Yorkshire is running a Start (Prelim) series and Move Up (Novice/Elementary/Medium) series throughout the winter and spring with qualifiers also held at Snainton, Bishop Burton and Sheepgate.

Said Katy Mickle of TopSpec: “We are delighted to be supporting this unaffiliated series, which provides the ideal opportunity for competitors to get out on the competition circuit without gaining dressage points and having to move up to the next level before they are ready.”

The final will take place at Fry’s East Yorkshire on July 19, 2015 with a host of fantastic prizes on offer.

Point will be awarded for each class at the qualifiers with the top 30 point holders in the Start and Move Up sections invited to the final in each championship.

Qualifiers at Fry’s East Yorkshire take place on December 6, January 10, 31, February 28, March 28, April 21, May 19 and June 23.

For further information visit


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He’s A Real Bobby Dazzler

Jill Greaves and her traditional coloured, Bickell Bobby Dazzler, enjoyed success at the Trailblazer Championship Finals at Stoneleigh Park.

On the first day Bobby won the Traditional Coloured Pony class and went on to stand Champion and on the final day they took Reserve Champion.

Said Jill: “I am very proud of him, we have come such a long way and he is coming along nicely.

“Bobby is a traditional coloured Irish x mini shire standing at 13.3hh. At 11-years-old he hasn’t done a great deal with some driving and some stud work.

“Recently over the last 18 months we have been working very hard on riding him at home and re-schooling to help him cope better in different situations. He is a good doer but can be a rather hot, tense pony.

“I went along to the open day at Riseholme Feeds and TopSpec gave me some excellent advice on Bobby’s nutrition. I decided to start feeding TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer with TopChop Lite as he requires very little for condition, and this complements the TopSpec Calmer supplement which we were already feeding.

“I wanted to be sure he was getting the required vitamins and minerals he needed and he has in the past turned his nose up at the other chaffs and chop that are low calorie as they didn’t seem to be very tasty.

“Since we tried TopSpec he licks the bowl clean and he lives up to his name! His coat has improved with a lovely shine and his skin has improved greatly and it really shows in the show ring.”


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Monty Proves a Side-Saddle Star

HAVING spent many happy years together, Kate Hardt and her wonderful horse Monty recently embarked on a new adventure together – having a go at hunter trialling side-saddle!

Now 13-years-old, Kate has owned Monty for eight years and competed in a wide range of disciplines.

Over the years Kate has worked hard to keep Monty fit and well and thanks to her desire to keep him in the best of health he is very much enjoying life and took to their hunter trial debut in style.

Said Kate: “Monty has always been a star and I couldn’t ask for more.  Without doubt his TopSpec feed regime has helped to keep him in brilliant condition as it allows me to adjust his diet depending on the time of year.

“Monty can easily put on condition so the flexibility of the feed is great.  He is so important to me I want to make sure he is getting everything in his diet he needs.

“We thought about taking life a bit slower but he looks fantastic and we decided we would give hunter trialling a go while riding side-saddle.

“He was absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for more.  It was the first time we have competed together for four years and it made all the slow fattening work seem so worthwhile.

“The thrill of the hunter trial was on a par with my wedding day – it was just fantastic and to have a successful day at Eland Lodge near Staffordshire was the icing on the cake.

“Thanks to TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer and TopChop Lite, I can honestly say Monty looks as well as he has ever done.

“Riding Monty side-saddle is just a dream as I never really thought I would compete him again and we would just spend our time hacking out together.”


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TopSpec Sponsor The Arab Horse Society Marathon

TopSpec are delighted to announce sponsorship of The Arab Horse Society Marathon on October 25 and 26.

The start and finish is staged at Larkhill Racecourse and the race itself takes place over the wide open expanse of Salisbury Plain.

Billed as a very tough challenge for the horse, Salisbury Plain offer’s excellent going, with much of the course accessible to the public.

The Marathon is open to any breed of horse, not just Arabs, with competitors wanting to experience the test of endurance and courage over an Olympic distance of 26 and a quarter miles.

Said TopSpec Veterinary Nutritionist, Anna Welch: “Veterinary controls at the halfway point ensure that all horses are fit to continue onto the next stage of the ride.

“Riding in this event requires a lot of skill and horses must be at the correct level of fitness in order to achieve winning speeds whilst passing the stringent veterinary checks.  First class nutrition plays a major part in success or failure at all levels of the sport.”

During the day a pleasure ride will take place over 12 miles of the marathon course.

TopSpec are also sponsoring the Best Condition prize with the winner receiving a year’s supply of TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer. The winner will be chosen by the veterinary team.

All entries for the event will receive a TopSpec goody bag and their vet and specialist racing advisor will be on hand during the event to offer advice on feeding and products.

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Naomi and Chloe are Fighting Fit after Accident

Naomi Stevens and her 16.1hh mare Chloe have had a successful time show jumping and have shared a happy life together for just over 10 years.

In October last year both Naomi and her 27-year-old Irish Draught cross Thoroughbred were involved in a nasty accident, where they both fell as Naomi tried to open a gate and Chloe tried to jump it.

As they crashed to the floor Chloe laid there for half an hour, leaving Naomi to think she had lost her horse. With both in shock, Chloe suddenly got up and luckily the fall only resulted in a few cuts.

Chloe behaved perfectly while she received experienced care from everyone involved but unfortunately for the first two weeks of her recovery from the accident she did not do very well.

Said Naomi: “Twelve months later and she is looking incredible, you would never know how awful things were.

“Even after the crash I thought we might lose her, but we are both back in light work and went to our first post-accident show a couple of weeks ago where we won both the in hand and ridden veteran, got two clear rounds and came third in the championship.”

The judges were very flattering about Chloe and how great she was which made Naomi very emotional about how far they had come since their accident.

“I tried TopSpec Senior Lite after we started coming back into work, as I wanted to do everything I could to keep her happy, and she looks and feels amazing, it really has made a massive difference.”

At the moment Naomi and Chloe like to take it easy going on hacks and occasionally attending shows but according to Naomi, her beloved Chloe thrives on work and is definitely not the retiring type, so they plan to take things one step at a time.

“I am so grateful to have her, she’s my best friend and I hope it stays that way for a very long time. Certainly I never take anything for granted anymore and I just enjoy spending all the time I can with her. Everyone who knows her loves her very much,” she added.

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