Team Walker Season Off to a Flying Start

Cheshire-based showman Robert Walker is well known for finding and producing future stars and the 2018 season looks set to be as busy as ever.

The TopSpec-sponsored rider has five, four-year-old and five, five-year-old hunters to show as well as his well established stars, the Heavyweight, Patrick’s Choice and last year’s HOYS Hunter Champion, Viewpoint.

The season has already got off to a flying start with the Jill Day-owned chestnut, Patrick’s Choice taking the Hunter Championship at Sport Horse North West, while the five-year-old and former Dublin In Hand Champion, Emperor’s Touch won the Lightweight class at his first show.

Paul Mortimer’s Novice Cob, Freddie Kruger was also triumphant in his section to add to the team’s winning ways.

At the Northern Spring Show, Bold Heath, Robert once again took the Hunter Championship, this time on the Lightweight, Pride of Place, for the third year running.

Monbeg Sods Law, captured the Middleweight division before taking the Reserve Champion place.

Said Robert: “Our major aim for the spring is Royal Windsor so the last few weeks we have focused on getting the horses out to shows to see how they settle and where they are at with their training and confidence.

“I am very fortunate to have a great team of youngsters this season, especially with the hunters and across all weight divisions as well as Small Hunter classes.

“Monbeg Sods Law has a lot of presence and fingers crossed he continues to improve throughout the season as there is no doubt he is topclass.

“I also have a Novice Heavyweight Cob, George Stubbs for Camilla Neame and a Large Riding Horse, Ballyshan Contender so there are plenty of rides to keep everyone busy and on their toes.”

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Hulabaloo Wins the Face of TopSpec 2018

After a nationwide search Hulabaloo owned by Kate Massey from Ipplepen in Devon has been chosen as ‘The Face of TopSpec 2018’ in a nationwide competition.

Their prizes include £500 worth of TopSpec feed, a professional photo-shoot and framed print and a top of the range Horseware Turnout Rug.

Ten-year-old Hulabaloo, known in the stable as Blue Bear is a 15.2hh tri-coloured sports horse, bred in the West Country by Wiscombe Challenger and Wiscombe Jenny-Wren.

Kate first set eyes on him four years ago, he was a late starter in life who was very green and only broken as a six-year-old. Kate has very much enjoyed her time developing his education and most importantly always loves being in his company. Over time she has developed a great relationship with him building up a lot of trust.

The new Face of TopSpec has a natural talent for dressage but will turn his hoof to anything. Last summer Hulabaloo proved successful in unaffiliated dressage, ODE’s and county level showing. The duo had great fun at their first ever Riding Club Camp and grew in confidence. He successfully came away with so many ribbons and Kate said: “I would have to thank TopSpec for their incredible products for helping him to look and perform his best.”

Recognising his talent for dressage this winter Kate and Blue Bear decided to join British Dressage and have managed to win their Prelim sections on their last two outings in which the duo have gained a great sense of achievement from.

With the help of their trainer Andrew Lovell, the pair are working towards their first Novice test. Full of motivation they have just joined British Eventing and are planning their first BE80 this season in May at Pontispool.

Hulabaloo is currently fed on TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer, TopChop Alfalfa and TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support.

Said Kate: “Since using TopSpec he looks so well in himself and his coat is always shiny. The TopSpec Lite Balancer works so well for us as he is a particularly good-doer and every calorie does count.

“If Blue gains too much weight, he very quickly becomes lethargic and has very little energy, however since feeding the TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer he is in a much better shape than ever before and is so much more energetic! Alongside this he is fed TopChop Alfalfa which he absolutely loves and the added mint makes it totally irresistible”.

He is also on TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support.  After a hard summer of competing last year it became apparent that his joints had started to wear.

Added Kate: “The TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support has helped him no end and we now have no issues. The elasticity in his paces has quickly reappeared and has enabled him to get back out competing.”

Over summer when Blue Bear’s schedule becomes very busy Kate adds an additional TopSpec product, TopSpec Performance Cubes for that extra sparkle.

Kate said: “They allow me to do all the things I would like to without needing to worry that I’m pushing him too much as they help to keep him forward and willing.

“They are perfect as they give us the extra energy that we need but without becoming silly or sharp.”

Kate was overwhelmed when she received confirmation that Blue had won the Face of TopSpec 2018.

“I am so pleased for my boy to have been recognised for his talent and ability, and also his very stunning looks. It truly has proven that all the hard work is completely worthwhile and for this I cannot thank TopSpec enough,” said Kate.

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TopSpec High Fibre Mash

Mashes are very useful for hydrating horses and volumising their feed.

TopSpec High Fibre Mash is a high-fibre, cereal-grain-free and ‘Non-Heating’ mash that is ideal for good-doers. It soaks quickly in 5 minutes to make an irresistible mash ideal for horses and ponies that need or prefer a soft feed.

TopSpec High Fibre Mash is perfect for all those horses and ponies that maintain ideal bodyweight on forage alone but need a low calorie-carrier for supplements and or medications.

TopSpec High Fibre Mash is designed to be fed with any TopSpec feed balancer or an appropriate TopSpec supplement as it does not contain any added vitamins or trace-elements. This combination can be mixed with any other appropriate horse feed including straw-based chops. One of the ways in which TopSpec High Fibre Mash is superior to most straights however, is that it is supplemented with the major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium.

TopSpec High Fibre Mash should be soaked in cool or warm water for 5 minutes prior to feeding with 2 parts water to 1 part mash.

When to use TopSpec High Fibre Mash:-

  • As a high-fibre, low-calorie mash ideal for good-doers
  • As a useful soaked feed to help keep horses hydrated
  • As a very palatable feed that you can mix in supplements and/or medication
  • As a high-fibre feed for when a mash is desirable e.g. for horses with poor dentition

£11.95 20kg

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TopSpec Linseed Mash

Mashes are very useful for hydrating horses and volumising their feed.

TopSpec Linseed Mash is a highly palatable mash which combines the best of traditional knowledge with modern technology. Rich in linseed and oatbran this mash contains just 12% starch yet the scattering of flaked maize and flaked peas lends a mix-like appearance to this flavoursome mash.

TopSpec Linseed Mash  is a blend of conditioning ingredients, with an emphasis on linseed providing substantial levels of oil and protein and including the all-important muco-polysaccharides. Oatbran provides good levels of super-fibres and has been proven to be sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system.

TopSpec Linseed Mash is designed to be fed with any TopSpec feed balancer or an appropriate TopSpec supplement as it does not contain any added vitamins or trace-elements. This combination can be mixed with any other horse feed including alfalfa/grass chops. One of the ways in which TopSpec Linseed Mash is superior to most straights however, is that it is supplemented with the major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium.

TopSpec Linseed Mash should be soaked in cool or warm water for at least 5 minutes prior to feeding with equal parts of water to mash.

 When to use TopSpec Linseed Mash :-

  • As a conditioning feed for horses that need to gain weight yet a mash is required.
  • As a very palatable source of oil, rich in Omega 3’s.
  • As an oil rich feed which helps to promote condition and a fantastic shiny coat.
  • As a useful soaked feed to help keep horses hydrated when stabling away or after hard work
  • As a soft easy to eat, conditioning mash for horses with dental problems

£13.95 20kg

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Georgina Herrling Wins £5,000 Sponsorship from TopSpec

After an extensive nationwide search and with a phenomenal amount of entries to choose from the winner of the TopSpec £5,000 sponsorship is young event rider Georgina Herrling.

Based in Oxfordshire, 15-year-old Georgina keeps her pony SF Detroit known as Troy at Attington Stud near Oxford which is run by Olympic rider Austin O’Connor.

Having started riding at just four-years-old, Georgina spent many summers riding on her family farm in Ireland which soon led to her joining the Pony Club and then on to competing. Georgina first tried show jumping and continued this until the age of 10.

She first started to event a year later and this quickly turned into a much loved passion and last year her enthusiasm led to her start taking part in Eventing Pony Trials.

Georgina is kept busy with Troy, a nine-year-old chestnut stallion who she has owned for three years.

Said Georgina: “He has taken me up the levels and is definitely a once in a life time pony who tries his heart out for me.”

Last year the duo were selected to compete for Team GB at the Pony Europeans and returned home as an individual Gold Medallist and with a Team Silver.

With such great results Georgina and Troy were over the moon with what has been the highlight of their year and their proudest achievement in their eventing career to date.

Georgina hopes to defend her European title this year at the European Pony Championships which are being held at Bishop Burton in East Yorkshire.

Said Georgina: “It means so much to me that my favourite feed company and a brand I trust has chosen me as the latest rider to support. I feel like I have become part of a great team of riders including a few of my all-time favourite eventers such as Nicola Wilson, Andrew Nicholson and Kitty King.

“The sponsorship support will go so far and I am beyond excited to see what this year brings, it will be much helped by TopSpec keeping my pony in top condition and helping me in the eventing world.”

Said Katy Mickle of TopSpec: “Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to enter, choosing a winner was really hard, the number of entries this year was phenomenal and we had many outstanding entries.

“Georgina is full of enthusiasm and has some great plans for the coming year; we look forward to following her journey.”

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Dressage Rider’s Dogs Enjoy TopSpec’s Dog Food Range

International dressage rider and dog owner, Kate Cowell, who has had great results with her team of competition horses which are all fed on the TopSpec range of equine feeds and balancers, now also feeds her four dogs on TopSpec’s range of complete dog food.

Manufactured and developed by TopSpec’s expert nutritionists and with the brand name, VetSpec, this range of hypoallergenic, cereal-grain-free, super premium, complete dog foods are a perfect choice for Kate’s dogs. She always buys the best products for her dogs, if you´re interested in the tracker she uses to find her dogs when they´re lost, click here to read JugDog’s reviews.

Her two Patterdale terriers require a low calorie diet so Kate chose VetSpec SuperLite Senior Formula for them. This is a cereal-grain-free, low calorie super premium dog food which contains 50% chicken with added vegetables and herbs. This means Kate can still feed her dogs a delicious feed, packed with high quality vitamins and minerals but she doesn’t have to worry about their waistlines. It includes biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin along with prebiotic fibre and herbal sources to help maintain gut health.

Said Kate: “I have used TopSpec products for my horses with great success and I am now also really impressed with the VetSpec range of dog food.  My two chubby Patterdales, Smokey and  Bacon, think  VetSpec SuperLite Senior Formula is delicious and they’ve lost weight since I moved them onto it, which is brilliant!”

Kate also has two Boxer dogs who require a joint mobility supplement. She chose VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula for them because it incorporates a veterinary specification joint supplement, which is rich in DHA and EPA (Omega-3s), glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin, in a super- premium, high-meat, dry dog food.

VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula is ideal for providing nutritional support to dogs with poor mobility or those which are in hard work, e.g. agility dogs or gun dogs. It includes biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin. As with all the VetSpec range, it is wheat gluten-free with no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours.

Said Kate: “My two fussy Boxer dogs, Coco and Flora, just guzzle down the VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula and I am thrilled that it will care for their joints, long- term, as we all know how crazy Boxers are!”

“I would recommend the TopSpec and VetSpec range of equine and canine feeds and supplements wholeheartedly. The company has a great background in animal nutrition and this gives me the confidence that I am feeding the best product possible to my animals.”

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TopSpec Sponsor ARC Charity Pleasure Ride

TOPSPEC is sponsoring a new charity pleasure ride raising funds for Dorset Air Ambulance, Wilton Riding for the Disabled and three historic churches of Farnham, Chettle and Tollard Royal that are all in need of funds.

The inaugural ARC Ride takes place across the Cranborne Chase on April 29, 2018 with TopSpec as the title sponsor.

Said Katy Mickle of TopSpec: “We are delighted to support such a great event and hope that all riders and their horses have an enjoyable day whilst raising money for such great causes.”

The Parochial Church Council of St Peters church in Tollard Royal came up with the idea to start a charity horse ride. With the idea of utilising what they already have the focus was put towards their greatest asset being the amazing countryside and location in which the three churches are situated. So the idea of the ARC Ride was created.

By Kind permission of Ashcombe Estate, Rushmore Estate and Chettle Estate, riders will get the unique opportunity to ride across private land which was once part of King John’s hunting ground. The community hope to make ARC Ride an annual event on the last Sunday of every April.

The team behind ARC Ride are a group of volunteers with a common interest in horse riding and who all wish to raise money for three historic village churches of Farnham, Chettle and Tollard Royal and also want to help support the fantastic work of Dorset Air Ambulance and Wilton Riding for the Disabled.

With maps available there will be three routes to suit all abilities each giving a unique opportunity to ride across normally restricted land.

A 5k route is available for anyone wanting a short ride, suitable for lead rein in which members of Wilton Riding for the disabled will also be taking part in. The 18k route will allow riders to take in the beautiful Cranborne Chase. With the opportunity to see three historic houses of Ashcombe, Rushmore and Chettle House the 25k will be the longest route.

For those riders wanting to excel and do a longer distance than the three stated, you may combine all three routes. The majority of the routes will be off road with all gates and road crossings having marshals in attendance for your own safety and confidence.

Entry fees per rider are £10.00 for the 5k route, £20.00 for the 18k route and £25.00 for the 25k route. Fees include costs of First Aid and a raffle ticket where some great prizes are on offer including prizes from TopSpec.

For riders wishing to travel the day before, a camp site and field for corals will be on offer. There will be a food tent with lots of homemade goodies, bacon sandwiches, soups, tea and coffee and plenty of water on site for your horses.

For more information visit

To find out more about the TopSpec range of horse feeds visit or telephone the Multiple Award Winning Helpline on 01845 565 030.

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New TopSpec Electrolytes


New TopSpec Electrolytes are designed to help compensate for electrolyte loss after heavy sweating.

This new additive has a high salt formula, contains wildberry to aid palatability and is recommended by equine veterinary practices and independent nutritionists.

What are electrolytes?

Some minerals are also called electrolytes. This is because when dissolved in body fluids they carry spare ions which give them an electrical charge.

Electrolytes use this charge to help control the water balance in a horse, trying to maintain a sufficiently hydrated status at all times. Electrolytes also play an important role in muscle function and through their role in hydration both temperature regulation and the transport of nutrients and waste products throughout the horse’s body.

If electrolytes are not added to a horse’s diet many problems may occur including dehydration or excessive hydration. Dehydration can be life-threatening and is frequently performance-limiting, with colic and ‘Tying-Up’ the most well-known consequences.

A horse has only to become mildly dehydrated in order to lose performance, sometimes reported as a lack of stamina and slow recovery rates. If the losses of electrolytes are very high a disruption in the balance of electrical charge both inside and outside of a muscle cell can upset normal contraction and relaxation processes.

TopSpec Electrolytes can be fed to horses to help compensate for electrolyte loss during sweating, with many resulting benefits.

The addition of salt to the diet should be sufficient for horses only sweating lightly. TopSpec Electrolytes should always be added in addition to any salt already in the diet and not instead of that salt. Salt-licks should always be available 24/7.

Divide the daily amount fed equally amongst meals and mix well. It is recommended that this electrolyte preparation is used for at least two days after sweating.

TopSpec Electrolytes are available in 1.5kg – £17.50 / 3kg – £24.50 / 9kg – £67.39 and 20kg – £98.

For further information please contact the Multiple Award-Winning Helpline on 01845 565030 or visit

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Gunner Wins Prestigious Connemara Ambassador Award

Long lasting relationships with our horses and ponies make for fantastic memories.

Here we talk to Rebecca Hamilton-Fletcher about the family’s amazing Connemara pony, Gunner.

At 19 years of age, Smokin Gun also known as Gunner is showing absolutely no signs of wanting to slow down as he remains as competitive and beloved as ever.

Explains Rebecca: “Gunner has had another stellar year with us in which he has continued to demonstrate his consistency and versatility across the disciplines, as well as his remarkable soundness and toughness all of which are characteristics rightly celebrated in the Connemara pony.

“This year my daughter Bethany, and Gunner have focused more on eventing and have notched up an impressive BE record for the year, despite the inconvenience of A Levels during the summer.”

The duo finished third in the BE South West U21 leagues, and fourth in the Pony Club Area Eventing League both of which boasted well in excess of 300 combinations.

Their dressage has continued to impress, and they appear to hold the ‘unofficial record’ of being the only known combination to have successfully represented their Pony Club at Area and Championship dressage across the four levels; from Juniors when they were both twelve years of age, right through to Open (Elementary) level. As a result of this great achievement they are to feature on the revamped main Pony Club website “which is quite an honour” said Rebecca.

“Bethany and Gunner have also been invaluable school team members at various NSEA National Championships, culminating with a spectacular win in the Eventers Challenge Championship at Hickstead.

The event saw Gunner jump two fabulous fast clear rounds in both the 95cm and 1.05m finals.

“They also helped their school to unexpected success at the NSEA National Show Jumping finals at Royal Windsor” said Rebecca.

The pair only managed to fit in two WHP shows this year, ending up Champions at BSPS Area 11.

As Bethany begins the next chapter of her life at University, Rebecca has dusted off her own eventing gear and taken up the competitive reins once again.

“Gunner has been as obliging as ever, and has successfully guided me back into both the BE and the BD arenas, both of which I intend to explore further with him next year.” said Rebecca.

“We attended the British Connemara Pony Society Annual Performance Awards event and Gunner won the overall best Ambassador of the Breed, which we are thrilled with, especially at his age. He was the only pony to get over 10,000 points.

“As always we feel totally blessed to have Gunner as part of our family. He has given us so much pleasure and enjoyment and the continued success is at times overwhelming and never taken for granted.

“It is clear he still loves and adores what he does, especially if it means he’s in front. Long may it last,” she added.

Gunner has been fed on a TopSpec feed regime for many years and he is fed TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer, TopChop Grass and TopSpec UlsaKind Cubes.

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Brian Walker Wins the Five-year-old MET II Final

Brian Walker won with a super ride in the 70 strong field in the Five-year-old final at MET II Olivia Nova Autumn Tour in Madrid, Spain.

Following an extremely tough course only a third made it through to the jump off.

It was clear that speed and carefulness was needed to clinch the victory which is exactly what Brian and Cellastiano pulled off winning with a time of 36.83 seconds, a second faster than Marco Antonio Merisio who claimed the runner up spot.

TopSpec-sponsored Brian bought Cellestiano as a three-year-old with the intention of using him as a breeding stallion.  His first crop of foals are already out and mostly have been awarded premium foal awards.

Said Brian: “I bought Cellestiano with the aim to breed top quality foals as his jump and technique were so superb.

“His jump is picture perfect and I knew he’d make a top hunter in the States.  He is so scopey and super careful that I have high hopes for him and he has only had one fault his entire show career.

“I am really excited about this horse’s future and he always give me his all.  The tours here at Olivia Nova are top notch and exactly what we need to be able to properly produce young horses.”

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