A Slimline Bertrum

Letter from Jessica Crowe

Hiya I just thought I’d give you some more information on Bertrum.

He is a 14.3hh, 14-year-old skewbald cob, an amazing family horse and will do anything you ask!

He loves hacking to the beach and going for a blast! We compete Bert regularly at unaffiliated level in show jumping, dressage and cross country, his favourite being the cross country and we also do a bit of local showing. 

Although he is 14 we are still progressing and would love to join British Eventing In the near future. As you can probably tell he’s doing a fair bit of work and we’ve really struggled in the past to find a feed that works for him.

As he’s a very good doer anything we have fed him to give him a bit of energy had just made him fat and therefore had the opposite effect, and as he loses his sparkle a bit it’s really difficult to find the right balance.

We’ve really struggled with his coat condition and he has quite a sensitive digestive system! Since we decided to feed TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer his coat is gleaming and his digestion is brilliant. It only took a couple of weeks to notice the difference.

He now has TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer and TopChop Lite and has enough energy to Jessica Crowe and Bertrum at Tower Farm1compete and not put the weight on!

Thankyou Jessica