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TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer

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TopSpec Performance Lite Feed Balancer is designed to provide optimum levels of the micronutrients that hard-working horses need, without the muscle and topline building quantity of protein found in Comprehensive Feed Balancer.

Performance Lite Feed Balancer is becoming the go-to product for good doers that are working hard, and for many more horses that are in good condition when protein levels in the grass/haylage are high. Performance Lite Feed Balancer is also higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than other TopSpec feed balancers, using linseed as its protein source to help improve the Omega3/6 ratio in equine diets, with resulting benefits for certain horses e.g. those with scurfy coats.

Performance Lite Feed Balancer allows performance horses and ponies to receive their full requirements of micronutrients, in a small amount of very low-calorie feed that does not promote significant weight gain.

It is a very palatable, cereal-grain-free, low sugar and starch, ‘Non-Heating’* concentrated feed that contains a multi-supplement including the levels of micronutrients normally only found in high quality specialised supplements. When Performance Lite Feed Balancer is fed there is, therefore, usually no need to add any further vitamin and mineral supplements, other than salt and/or electrolytes for sweating horses, and a nutraceutical joint supplement if required.

Performance Lite Feed Balancer is the perfect product for hard-working horses and ponies fed forage only, plus salt/electrolytes. It is also ideal for those needing a high micronutrient specification for any other reason. It is suitable for medium to hard-working horses and ponies in good condition and receiving ample protein from forage. We usually recommend Lite Feed Balancer for good doers in light work.


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