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TopSpec AntiLam Forage Balancer

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TopSpec AntiLam Forage Balancer is a palatable, pelleted forage balancer specifically designed to provide 5-way nutritional support for those prone to laminitis. It can also be fed to horses and ponies undergoing veterinary care. AntiLam is a brilliant formulation which contains a range of highly-effective supplements, pelleted onto a cereal-grain-free, low sugar, low starch, high fibre, and very low-calorie, ‘Non-Heating’ balancer base.

AntiLam is used and recommended by nutritionists, vets, and farriers during and following veterinary treatment.

This unique forage balancer is so palatable that it can be fed out of the hand to horses and ponies at pasture to provide vital nutritional support. Long-term trials, at the TopSpec Equine Research Centre, have shown that AntiLam will not promote condition when fed as part of a calorie-controlled diet. In all cases, AntiLam must be used in conjunction with a suitable feeding and management programme.

AntiLam should be fed on its own with forage. The forage can be in the form of late-cut hay and/or unmolassed chops e.g. TopChop Lite, TopChop Zero, controlled grazing, or a combination of these, depending on the individual circumstances.

For example, we would recommend that an overweight 12hh pony, on box-rest, should receive 125g of AntiLam plus 1kg of TopChop Lite twice a day. In addition, 2kg (1 flap) of late-cut meadow hay that has been soaked for about 12 hours in ample fresh, cool, clean water, should be fed daily.
When horses and ponies are prone to laminitis, TopSpec nutritionists always recommend that the total diet is high in fibre and low in sugar and starch.


Is TopSpec AntiLam Forage Balancer low in sugar?

Competition closes – April 30, 2024.

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