Brian Walker Wins the Five-year-old MET II Final

Cellestiano winning the 5 year old final at the MET in Olivia Spain ridden by Brian Walker and owned by smallerBrian Walker won with a super ride in the 70 strong field in the Five-year-old final at MET II Olivia Nova Autumn Tour in Madrid, Spain.

Following an extremely tough course only a third made it through to the jump off.

It was clear that speed and carefulness was needed to clinch the victory which is exactly what Brian and Cellastiano pulled off winning with a time of 36.83 seconds, a second faster than Marco Antonio Merisio who claimed the runner up spot.

TopSpec-sponsored Brian bought Cellestiano as a three-year-old with the intention of using him as a breeding stallion.  His first crop of foals are already out and mostly have been awarded premium foal awards.

Said Brian: “I bought Cellestiano with the aim to breed top quality foals as his jump and technique were so superb.

“His jump is picture perfect and I knew he’d make a top hunter in the States.  He is so scopey and super careful that I have high hopes for him and he has only had one fault his entire show career.

“I am really excited about this horse’s future and he always give me his all.  The tours here at Olivia Nova are top notch and exactly what we need to be able to properly produce young horses.”