Goldie Has Never Looked Better

Hi TopSpec,

Last year I bought my ex-racehorse Goldie in the summer, he looked great and I was feeding him a standard cool mix feed.

Come the winter and I felt ashamed telling people he was my horse, he dropped so much weight and no matter how much mix I shovelled in, he simply got thinner and thinner.

I put him on every supplement going, oil… the lot! But again to no change in his condition.  I then worried he had worms or maybe a gastric ulcer. To be honest I worried myself sick and felt so guilty that I couldn’t sort his condition out.

About eight weeks ago I went into R&R Country in Melton Mowbray and spoke to one of the girls in there. They were so complimentary of your feed and the miraculous turn around their horses had seen. I will be honest I was sceptical as the cost was so much more….but decided to go the whole hog, TopSpec Feed Balancer, TopSpec Cool Condition Cubes and TopChop Alfalfa.

All I can say is wow, Goldie has never looked or felt so good. His dressage has suddenly got so much better, holding himself in an outline at all times. He is full of life but not fizzy. He looks stunning and shiny, even his crappy TB feet have got better! I particularly like that you only need to feed small portions, no massive bulky feeds!!

The Feed Balancer has done wonders for him in every way and I’m proud telling people he is mine!

Many thanks again,

Carly and Goldie (Goldfinger)