Harvey’s Going for Gold with Ticket for HOYS

Gold Harvest qualifying hoysLincolnshire based young showjumper, Zoe Smith (13) has secured her ticket for HOYS with the well known 148cm showjumping pony, Gold Harvest, who is still going strong at the amazing age of 27.

Owned by Regan Whillet, Harvey as he is known at home, is in great health in his golden years and proving he is still at his peak qualifying with a double clear in the 148cm Showjumper of the Year qualifier at Bishop Burton.

Said Zoe: “Harvey is possibly the oldest 148cm pony to qualify for HOYS. This is only our first year at this level and even more remarkable given Harvey’s age.

“He is fed on TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer, he is the picture of health and looks stunning despite his age.

“Everyone who watches Harvey comments on his health and we are so pleased that he is still out there competing.”

Zoe and Harvey have also qualified for this year’s Plevin British Showjumping Scope Festival and will be part of the English Team at the Scottish Home Pony International.

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