Hunting Side Saddle for Charity

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William Pittendrigh an 18-year-old from Northumberland is riding side saddle in an attempt to raise money for charity. If you want to know more then get more info here.

Choosing the charity Cancer Research UK, on December 23, William will challenge himself and his horse, Alf to spend a day hunting whilst riding side saddle, something neither of them have ever done before.

William is sponsored by TopSpec and chose to raise money for the charity Cancer Research UK, as he has close experience of the heart-breaking disease, having had three family members suffer from cancer.

Determined to raise as much money as he can William said: “It is vital to help the charity Cancer Research UK find a cure for such an awful illness.”

Having never ridden side saddle before, William wanted to challenge himself as an incentive to raise money. Side saddle sees a rider sitting aside rather than astride an equine.

Having had his first side saddle lesson with Bruce Thorpley in November, William is now well underway with mastering the art of side saddle. His horse Alf, is proving to be quite the successful side saddle participant. The duo are trying really hard and putting their all into the training as they know the many challenges of riding a day’s hunt in side saddle may bring, considering the fast-paced sport and the uneven terrain.

William is both excited and nervous about the big day but is determined to succeed at the challenge to raise some money. He has a target of £1,500 to raise and if William succeeds he will be thrilled and extremely appreciative of all the generous donations.

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. The charity is fighting cancer on all fronts such as finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it to save more lives.

With more than 200 different types of cancer, one in two people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime. So, if you can, please donate to William’s great cause.

To donate to William’s Just Giving page visit the following link