Show Ring Success for Failed Racehorse

WHEN failed racehorse Just Thomas arrived with the Roylance family from Hyde in Kara RoylanceCheshire his condition was poor to say the least.

Tom, as he is known at home, went into training as a youngster but never made it to the track as he was deemed too slow.

Two years ago, Samantha Roylance started to look for a new horse to produce and decided she would contact a number of racing yards in her search for a new ride for daughter Kara.

“We wanted to try and find an ex-racehorse as we felt we could offer one a very special home with plenty of care and attention,” said Samantha.

“We found our new horse in the form of Tom, who is by the well known Thoroughbred stallion Redoubtable, but when he arrived he was very lean and underweight, and we knew we would have to find a solution through a well thought out feed regime to add condition carefully and in the right places.

“He was only three-years-old when we got him but now some two years later he looks fabulous and has started to compete in Small Hack classes with Kara who is now 15.”

Samantha and Kara turned to the team at TopSpec for advice on feeding Tom and he has never looked back.

Added Samantha: “Tom is now fed on TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer and TopSpec Cool Condition Cubes and looks fabulous.

“He has been out and won at local level and we are now working on moving up to county shows when we feel all the training and everything is in place, and are hoping to do some end of season HOYS qualifiers.

“His condition has just been transformed and also it is wonderful that he is so relaxed at shows whatever the occasion and atmosphere.

“We are so pleased that thanks to the correct feeding programme, time and careful production he has turned into such a lovely horse and we are all looking forward to progressing further over the next few months.”

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