TopSpec Proves A Calming Influence for Sonja and Lulu

SPOOKING and frightening her owner Sonja Foers had become the norm for would-be event horse Lulu, so their future together looked bleak.

Sonja Foers
A relaxed and happy Sonya riding Lulu.

Based in Plymouth, Sonja’s dreams of eventing Lulu turned into a nightmare when the coloured mare proved to be very excitable and lively, making even the thought of riding the eight-year-old something to dread.

Sonja had tried a number of supplements and training methods to help Lulu to keep calm and relaxed so they could enjoy a quiet hack together but it was all to no avail until she started to use TopSpec Calmer.

Explains Sonja: “I had great expectations of Lulu and had bought her to start an eventing career but she turned out to be really difficult. She was very sharp and spooky and even hacking out was very stressful leading to me falling off on a number of occasions.

“I have used products in the TopSpec range for a number of years and decided to give the TopSpec Calmer additive a try.

“I couldn’t believe it when I started to see an improvement in just a few days it was just brilliant and has transformed my relationship with Lulu.

“I used to add magnesium to her feed but had to progress to finding a Calmer product as things weren’t getting any easier.

“She was an absolute nightmare at competitions but at this time of year she is also very difficult to even hack out and it got to the point that I was nervous every time I got on her.

“After only three days on TopSpec Calmer, Lulu was a totally different ride and now having been on it for a few weeks I cannot believe the difference.

“I actually came back from hacking her smiling this week which is unheard of. I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed riding her especially in situations which would have been a problem previously.“I can’t thank TopSpec enough for the difference it has already made to our partnership and relationship. I am over the moon with her progress and I am no longer a nervous rider on her.”