TopSpec Provides Super Condition For Elbrich

HORSE enthusiast Edward Lowdell struggled to keep condition on his Fresian mare, Elbrich during the winter months despite trying different feed regimes.

Edward and Elle at a recent show.

Keen not to give up on his efforts and wanting Elbrich to look a picture of health ready for the competition season Edward turned to one of the equine nutrition advisors at TopSpec. 

Said Edward: “Elbrich arrived just having had a foal and initially she put weight on as we still had plenty of grass in our paddocks.

“However during the winter I really found it difficult to keep weight and condition on her and tried a variety of products.

“I went to my local saddlery for an open day and met Nicola Shuttleworth, one of the TopSpec regional equine advisors.  After explaining the problem, she recommended I put Elbrich on to TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer, TopChop Alfalfa and sugar beet.

“I just couldn’t believe the difference.  Elle, as she is known at home, has changed beyond all recognition. Her top line has come back, her ‘hippy’ hind quarters are now rounded and her coat is very shiny.

“I am over the moon about this as she is such a show girl and I was so worried that we wouldn’t be ready for any show this year due to her poor condition.

“I had spent ages finding the right feed to give Elle and although I’ve been bombarded with so many opinions of what I should feed her, the TopSpec feed she receives obviously suits her very well and I wouldn’t ever consider changing it. 

“Nicola’s help was second to none and very precise even down to the very exact amount of feed I would need to help Elle improve her condition.

“We recently competed in our first show together and we did well against some very stiff competition!”