Veteran Barney is on Top Form

FORMER racehorse Barney has spent much of his life plagued by serious sand cracks in his hooves but now at the grand old age of 25 is in better shape than ever.

Owned by Jan Carey from Sherborne in Dorset, Barney raced up to the age of four and has since taken part in a host of disciplines from showing to dressage and Riding Club activities. 

Jan has had great fun with Barney over the years and still rides him out but is relieved to have finally seen an improvement to the sand cracks and says his general well being has never been better.

Explains Jan: “Barney has always had typical thoroughbred feet and has had very bad sand cracks to the extent that he has spent most of his life with plates on the front of his hooves to hold the cracks together.

“Thanks to advice on a feeding regime from the team at TopSpec in the last six months I have seen a huge improvement with the result that I now no longer need to have the plates fitted by my farrier who is brilliant. 

“However it is not only the fact that Barney’s hooves have improved but his general overall condition is brilliant and he has never looked better with a really shiny coat that just glistens.

“He is now fed on TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer, TopSpec Cool Condition Cubes and TopChop Lite.  He just feels in top form and is moving really well for a 25-year-old, I am just so pleased with the results.

“The cost of good appropriate feeding does not compare to what I owe him for all he has taught me and the fun I have had. 

“My other two horses Mouse (22) and three-year-old Woody are also on a TopSpec feed Jan Carey and Barney NEW cropregime and also look amazing, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

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