Winter Feeding with TopSpec Cool Balancer

New Cool BagTopSpec Cool Balancer is designed for horses and ponies that need extra condition but no ‘fizz’ and that are in light to medium work.  It provides a very palatable, safe and effective way to improve condition and topline without adding excess calories to the diet.

TopSpec Cool Balancer, as with all the balancers in the TopSpec range, provides all the necessary levels of vitamins and minerals to ensure the horse’s diet is well balanced.

Here are 8 reasons to feed TopSpec Cool Balancer this winter:

  1. ‘Non-Heating’ and low in sugar and starch.
  2. Promotes condition and topline.
  3. Low feeding rate – just 2 mugs per day for a 500kg horse.
  4. Very palatable for fussy feeders.
  5. Can be fed alone or with other feed if more calories are needed.
  6. High levels of pure protected yeast to support a healthy digestive system.
  7. Broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement will support light-medium work.
  8. Vitamin C is included to provide nutritional support for lung health.

Feeding TopSpec Cool Balancer improves the amount of nutrients that a horse can extract from his feed. Because the horse can utilise more nutrients from forage the amount of concentrate that needs to be fed can be reduced. This benefits digestion and is a more natural way of feeding, leading to a more relaxed horse.

TopSpec Cool Balancer is fed in very small quantities, for example just 500g (approximately two half-pint coffee mugs) a day for a typical 16hh middleweight weighing 500kg. A small amount of hard feed obviously leaves more space in the digestive system for forage.

TopSpec Cool Balancer is available in 15kg sacks, which last a 500kg horse for 30 days or a 250kg pony for 60 days.

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