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How to select the correct TopSpec product for your horse or pony

TopSpec products can be divided into five groups: -

1) Feed balancers provide the essential protein and micronutrients that your horse needs to balance his ration. The amount fed each day is fixed by your horse’s optimum body weight and rarely varies.

2) Supplements provide the essential micronutrients that your horse needs to balance his ration. The amount fed each day is fixed by your horse’s optimum body weight and rarely varies.

3) Blends are improved mixtures of straights that provide calories at the levels required for maintenance and/or condition. Condition reflects work done and all other influences. You should vary the amount you add to the ration according to your horse’s condition.

4) Additives are designed to be added to any ration to help solve specific problems e.g. an anxious temperament.

5) Chops are mainly used to mix and bulk the feed, but can be used in larger amounts as a source of calories.

You only need to feed one feed balancer (from group 1) or one supplement (from group 2) to provide all the micronutrients that your horse needs to balance his ration. Which one you select will depend on your horse’s specific requirements and your personal preference.

We have developed four very different blends (group 3), which are designed to be fed with the feed balancer or supplement you have chosen. They vary from low to high calorie and cover a wide range of requirements.

Feeding a fixed amount of balancer (or supplement) each day provides a consistent and optimum level of micronutrients to balance your horse’s diet. The amount of blend you then feed can safely be varied up or down according to condition without affecting the all-important supply of vitamins and trace-elements from the balancer. This is a significant advantage as it puts you in more control of your feeding programme than with traditional compound feeds.

If in addition to your horse’s basic nutritional needs he requires specific help with a problem e.g. with mobility then you can add an appropriate additive/s (group 4) to his feed.

Using the infinite combination of TopSpec feed balancers, supplements, blends, additives and chops allows you to accurately feed every horse and pony whether you enjoy a weekly ride, take care of your retired horse or compete internationally. TopSpec puts you in control of how your horses look and perform. With the help of our team of experienced equine nutritionists manning their Award-Winning helpline let TopSpec products help you to achieve your goals.

Rotherwood Rainmaker performing

Rotherwood Rainmaker, RIHS Supreme Ridden Pony, ridden by Poppy Carter and owned by Mrs Cartlidge.

"All our ponies, whether four year olds or more experienced ponies, look fantastic on TopSpec products. We do not need to feed supplements or strap for shiny coats and top line. TopSpec does it all." Katy Carter

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TopSpec Standards

  • All the formulations are designed by TopSpec’s own experienced equine nutritionists. Only the highest quality ingredients are included in the formulations.
  • TopSpec are participants in the UFAS and BETA-NOPS programmes to ensure that all the products are of the highest standards available for competition use under BHA/FEI competition rules.
  • All the ingredients can be traced back to source.
  • No medicated products are made in any of the manufacturing plants/mills that manufacture TopSpec products.
  • All TopSpec products are stored in a warehouse that contains no other animal feeds.
  • TopSpec provide a full specification of all their products for customer’s information.

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