Don Pasco Dances to the Tune

Keen to keep her dressage horse Don Pasco in competition shape, owner Joanna McIntosh Sim was looking for a feed to keep his waistline in check.

Having fed products from the TopSpec range for more than 13 years, Joanna was keen to find out more about the Performance Lite Feed Balancer when it was launched last year as Don Pasco is a good-doer who keeps weight on easily.

Known as Percy at home, Joanna has owned the 11-year-old since he was 18-months-old and they are now competing at Inter I together.

A former event rider and show jumper, Joanna then turned to dressage and looked to buy youngsters with dressage breeding to produce and compete.

Explains Joanna: “I have three horses that are British Bred Warmbloods and all are very good-doers.

“I started them all on TopSpec Stud Feed Balancer as youngsters before moving them on to TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer and finally TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer.

“When Performance Lite Feed Balancer was launched I spoke to one of the nutrition team and felt it would be the perfect choice. It is designed for horses that are good-doers in medium to hard work that do not require any extra muscle development or topline.

“Percy now gets a handful of chop and the balancer and looks in fantastic condition. He carries weight and can really live on fresh air but I know he is getting everything he needs with the balancer.

“My husband is a farrier and always comments how strong and healthy the horses’ hooves are too.

“I also find the feed to be very economic and their coats also look superb. We will soon be out and about competing again and I have kept Percy ticking over so he is ready to take to the dressage arena again.

“It is great to be looking forward to some competitions with a chilled and competition fit Percy.”