Monty Proves a Side-Saddle Star

MontyHAVING spent many happy years together, Kate Hardt and her wonderful horse Monty recently embarked on a new adventure together – having a go at hunter trialling side-saddle!

Now 13-years-old, Kate has owned Monty for eight years and competed in a wide range of disciplines.

Over the years Kate has worked hard to keep Monty fit and well and thanks to her desire to keep him in the best of health he is very much enjoying life and took to their hunter trial debut in style.

Said Kate: “Monty has always been a star and I couldn’t ask for more.  Without doubt his TopSpec feed regime has helped to keep him in brilliant condition as it allows me to adjust his diet depending on the time of year.

“Monty can easily put on condition so the flexibility of the feed is great.  He is so important to me I want to make sure he is getting everything in his diet he needs.

“We thought about taking life a bit slower but he looks fantastic and we decided we would give hunter trialling a go while riding side-saddle.

“He was absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for more.  It was the first time we have competed together for four years and it made all the slow fittening work seem so worthwhile.

“The thrill of the hunter trial was on a par with my wedding day – it was just fantastic and to have a successful day at Eland Lodge near Staffordshire was the icing on the cake.

“Thanks to TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer and TopChop Lite, I can honestly say Monty looks as well as he has ever done.

“Riding Monty side-saddle is just a dream as I never really thought I would compete him again and we would just spend our time hacking out together.”