TopSpec Sponsor The Arab Horse Society Marathon

TopSpec are delighted to announce sponsorship of The Arab Horse Society Marathon on October 25 and 26.

The start and finish is staged at Larkhill Racecourse and the race itself takes place over the wide open expanse of Salisbury Plain.

Billed as a very tough challenge for the horse, Salisbury Plain offer’s excellent going, with much of the course accessible to the public.

The Marathon is open to any breed of horse, not just Arabs, with competitors wanting to experience the test of endurance and courage over an Olympic distance of 26 and a quarter miles.

Said TopSpec Veterinary Nutritionist, Anna Welch: “Veterinary controls at the halfway point ensure that all horses are fit to continue onto the next stage of the ride.

“Riding in this event requires a lot of skill and horses must be at the correct level of fitness in order to achieve winning speeds whilst passing the stringent veterinary checks.  First class nutrition plays a major part in success or failure at all levels of the sport.”

During the day a pleasure ride will take place over 12 miles of the marathon course.

TopSpec are also sponsoring the Best Condition prize with the winner receiving a year’s supply of TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer. The winner will be chosen by the veterinary team.

All entries for the event will receive a TopSpec goody bag and their vet and specialist racing advisor will be on hand during the event to offer advice on feeding and products.