Perfect Advice for Dexey’s Diet

Tanya Waterhouse and her 15.3hh Irish Sport Horse, Dexey, have enjoyed a full and happy life together eventing, show jumping and even taking up dressage.Tanya Waterhouse1

But when Dexey entered her veteran years, Tanya decided that she may need to review the mare’s feeding regime.

Said Tanya: “Although I have used TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer for many years when Dexey turned 20 I began to wonder if I should consider changes to her diet to ensure she continued to get the nutrition she required.

“I am firm believer in ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’, and as she looked to be in perfect health with no sign of any joint or other age related problems there was a temptation to carry on as normal.

“However, I did what I usually do when in doubt about feeding and rang the TopSpec nutritional helpline.  As usual, I received well informed and helpful advice, as a result of which, I changed to the Senior Feed Balancer.”

“Dexey has good grazing and hay and as a good doer, she has no additional feed other than chop and succulents. I have been using Senior Feed Balancer for some months now and can only say that I regularly receive surprised comments on how well she looks and that she could be mistaken for a horse half her age.

“This also includes some professionals – I was delighted when, having trotted her up for my vet recently, she commented that if her 20-year-old moved like mine, she would be absolutely delighted.

“I feel Dexey is a walking testament to a good feed balancer providing a broad spectrum of nutrients and as a result of which, I know of people who have changed their view of feed balancers, previously considering them as a high priced luxury.

“Although we tend to lead a quieter life now, Dexey still loves life at 20 and in particular, jumping, and long may it continue!”