A Calmer Gypsy Stays Fit and Well at 21

Despite being 21-years-old, 13.3hh Irish cob, Gypsy still remains a handful for owner Janet Pilling when at a driving competition.Gypsy4

Based near Biggar in Lanarkshire, Janet has enjoyed driving trials for many years and was delighted when she found and bought Gypsy.

Explains Janet: “I have owned Gypsy for 14 years now and bought him as a driving pony.

“He has been such a star but at competitions I found he could get very fizzy and lose focus in the dressage.  Even though he is now 21 he is still great fun and loves competing so much and he certainly hasn’t slowed down.

“I decided to try TopSpec Calmer as although I wanted him to remain relaxed in the dressage I still needed him to have plenty of energy and go for the cross-country phase.

“The difference has been amazing and I now go to competitions confident that he will keep calm in the dressage phase rather than argue with me.

“In so many ways he can be very easy to do and is never a problem when out on the roads or training but as soon as you get him in a dressage arena at a competition he changes and knows he is there.

“The TopSpec Calmer really has transformed his behaviour and thankfully he is no longer the fizzy, hot-headed pony he used to be when competing.

“I really enjoy taking him to competitions now and am confident he will keep it together whereas before I used to be unsure whether he would keep his focus or fight against me.”

As well as TopSpec Calmer, Janet also adds TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support to Gypsy’s feed which helps to keep him supple.

Said Janet: “I keep thinking Gypsy might want to retire but he is still so well and at the top of his game that we are looking forward to another season competing.”