New Lease of Life for Gem

Gem BRC Area Festival ridden owned by Brenda Craig SmallSixteen-year-old thoroughbred Gem is now fighting fit after overcoming serious joint problems and struggling with her mobility.

Owned by Brenda Craig, Gem came into her life six years ago after a short racing career in Ireland.

As a 12-year-old Brenda noticed Gem gradually becoming stiffer in both her back legs, while her hocks worryingly also started to click.

Said Brenda: “I decided I had to take action and called out the vet who diagnosed arthritis in her hocks.  When she was walking she was just so stiff and used to almost get stuck when trying to move.

“Gem received treatment by having injections into her hocks and this definitely improved her mobility and stiffness but the clicking joints continued.

“Wanting to help her as much as I could I tried and used every joint supplement I could think of but still the problem continued.

“About two years ago I came across TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer and decided to give the product a try as nothing else had helped.

“Within two months the clicking had improved and after six months it had gone altogether.

“At one time I stopped stabling her overnight as she would literally fall out of it in the morning but now she is happy to be inside and comes out ready to go.

“We are now enjoying endurance rides together and taking part in Riding Club activities and she just loves the cross-country which is brilliant.

“Recently we have been competing more than we ever have and I couldn’t have asked for a better result.”